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#31Keepsakes continue with Keepsake #8: Be Playful:)

dear diary
Image by steev-o via Flickr

Dear KJ (Keepsake Journal),

Hi. How are you? I haven’t written for a few days.

I’ve been creating the Keepsakes (as you well know).

Guess what I’m learning as I create them?

I am remember to be gentle with myself each time I sit down to write a post. I’ve had about a bazillion ideas for the keepsakes and sometimes? I’m impatient. Being gentle helps me not get mad at myself.

And as I stay grounded (2), I’m less likely to respond to all the many ways I’m thinking about expanding this project, at least for the now. If an idea comes that isn’t on the now to do list, I write it down, tape it to the wall and give myself permission to play with it…later.

As I aim to feel comfort (3) this helps me stop thinking I’m doing this whole thing wrong.

See how I’m learning to stay in charge of my thoughts (4) ? What a BIG GIRL!! πŸ™‚

And KJ? Guess what else? I’ve even felt a tad more able to be expectant of good and wonder(5) as well as remind myself to stay calm. (6) with where all my idea churning could go.

I’m even excited moreso now to protect my thoughts (7) from should have/could have/wished I would have silly thinking.

But KJ, I really gotta tell you,

I’m so exhausted inspired from writing to keep thinking about why the heck did I put this on myself this holiday season each keepsake that I thought I’d wring my neck invite you to do the rest for me to help me think about a creative way to dump the share the keepsakes with readers of this blog (as if there’s anyone who really cares).

It’s really a pain in the … inspiring journey to shut the inner Scrooge up get the being the keepsakes down, huh?

I mean truly,Β  I can’t stand adore these keepsakes, but I have a hunch you want me suffocated by savoring each one slowly they’re taking all dern day to draft and learning to pitch ’em in da trash to practice them one at a time right?Β  (you could have just told me this was really about developing a daily writing practice bah humbug!)

Well, here’s the thing: I’ve been sharing them with some friends on this blog. (translation: I’m begging for readers)

And from my perspective, I’ve been pouring out a ton of way the heck too much ideas for them ‘to think about’ being. (trust me, no one’s stickin around to ponder a single one. everyone is saying ‘land the plane’ before paragraph #2).

Truth? How fun ludicrous would it be would love to create a homemade dress (ps I don’t have a machine and I don’t sew) out of ginormous patches. Each patch would have a keepsake name on it and when we’d wear that dress? Everyone would think we were late for the set of “Little House on the Prairie” re-runs. We’d remember (how grateful we are for jeans) to live these concepts all the time, everywhere, every moment. (if being the keepsakes is that simple, stop everything now and go buy one of dem dresses!!)

Wouldn’t that be just fun? (yawn)

we interrupt the journal entry to let the efficient reader know this is where the blogger has a rambling session

I remember having a favorite dress growing up. (you did. it was the one on your Holly Hobby doll). I think there was a month try six I wore her — my dress — every. single. day.

Or maybe my smart (embarrassed beyond) mommy washed it at some point. (as she lovingly suaded me to try another dress)

But when I wore that dress?

I became this incredibly brave girl. (lie. i was alwaysΒ  nervous ).

But I’d climb trees and ride my bike without training wheels, andΒ  I even climbed to the top of my 2 story playhouse my granddad built for me (even when mom told me not to but I did anyway).

Point: when I wore that dress? I became her. My brave self.

Wouldn’t it be neato if (if you landed the plane) we had a keepsake dress? to wear? so we remember to live the keepsakes every day? Whee. (transition here kid. you’re losin the reader’s interest).

Maybe I’ll sew one…when I’m baking bread..and quilting..and building a treehouse…and making paper…and and and. πŸ™‚

Kay. so. Here’s what I need help with: (please write the rest for me)

When I’m sharing Keepsake #8 tonight?Β  I want folks to feel light, happy, expectant, joyful, ready for fun.

And after they open it? I want them to play.

Will you help me convey that? (you just did).

Oh, and I want anyone reading the keepsakes to feel mommied up and loved and adored and appreciated right now just as they are. (yes yes yes they know you do)

Thanks for listening KJ.

I feel sooo much betters.

Luv you KJ….I’ll write more…soonish. Huggies…..Tre ~



Hey all.

If this is your first time here, and you want to learn more about #31Keepsakes, scroll down to the *** “Welcome” section.

Well, hey back ya’ll.

Thanks for letting me start off with a glimpse at my journal.

Why did I start with that?

Well, that was me trying to be “playful.” πŸ™‚ Yup, you guessed it…the next keepsake is….drum roll…

Keepsake # 8: Be Playful :):)

Let’s take a peak at the meaning

Hint:….rhymes with day, is fun to say, if asked if you wanna you say OK….in a word: P L A Y

Okay, okay, if a few of you are rolling your eyes, here’s what mr. dictionary says: to play

But ya’ll? Me no likey those definitions. So for tonight, we’re making up our own. Those sound too formal.

Come on, we’re allowed. Tonight, for us, to play is “to be childlike.”

Ah. Okay. Light. Fun. Playful.

A visual:

Close your eyes and when you do, think of something that seems childlike to you.

Maybe the image on this post is enough.

Maybe you have a son or daughter and you don’t need a visual. πŸ™‚

Maybe you have a puppa -love ready to play sitting right next to you. What comes to mind if you think about being childlike?

Why being playful helps me mommy my heart

It’s an essence, a mood, that exudes spontaneous joy. It helps me stay light not heavy, in thought. And it hugs my heart and reminds me to slow down and realize fun is fabulous. πŸ™‚

How it can help you

Same way. Are you feeling burdened, pressured, stressed or did you roll your eyes at the thought of this idea to be childlike as if that’s not gonna help you fix your biggie mess you’re worried about?

Well, it will.

It. just. will.

Try it.

Play. You’ll see. You’ll have a fresher disposition, a lighter heart. And if you don’t, please call and let’s help you not feel so stuck.

What you can do tonight to take it with you

Hee. I would love you to write a pretend journal post in the comments at least to say how you allow yourself to play.

Or send me an email (but if you put it in the comments others can enjoy it too).

Or if you’d prefer, let yourself use your childlike voice and comment about how the keepsakes are helping you.

Or, write nothing at all and just enjoy playtime tonight. (or whenever you’re reading this).

Oooh. This is fun.

I know some of you may be asking “Wait, we didn’t set the scene and create the mood.” No worries. We may pick that up again tomorrow night. Tonight, me wanted to play. Some. A little. Bit. Hope you likey’d and had fun with it. πŸ˜‰

Okay…hugs to you and see you here tomorrow night for Keepsake #9 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Big luvs,

Tre πŸ™‚


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All we’ve opened is right here waiting for you too!!!! πŸ™‚

These keepsakes have a background story, the why for why I am offering them.

You can read about that here: Why the 31 Keepsakes?

If we were in a room, picture a big wonderfully bountiful trunk housing a bounty of overflowing keepsakes, plenty to go around and not stuck in some corner far from view but right in the center of a gathering circle.

Start here Keepsake #1: Be Gentle

then go here: Keepsake #2: Be Grounded

then go here: Keepsake #3: Be Comfort

next, go here: Keepsake #4: Be in ~ charge

next, go here::) Keepsake #5: Be expectant of good

next, go here: Keepsake #6: Be Calm

and for last night’s keepsake, go here: Keepsake #7: Be Protective (of our thoughts)

You don’t have to peak at any of these just yet if you want to stay right with us…whatever you are most comfy with. πŸ™‚

Thank YOU for visiting and being here. πŸ™‚


If you’re wanting to know more about Thought by Thought, contact me at tre at thought by thought dot net.

I welcome your inquiry and look forward to sharing with you.

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