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5 Ways to Rock Your Little Baby – that is YOU –and heal the sting of criticism

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This post is part of the series of #mommying me, posts that give tools on how to be gentle and tender with our hearts and moments.

So often we strive to do and be our best don’t we?
So often the bummer seems to be that those closest to us — friends or family — don’t see the steps we’re making or if they do, they may have a different set of values from which they gauge success and don’t attribute yours as such.

And while if you’re nodding and agreeing I wish I could jump through this post and hug your heart and hold your head and hug you further still and look into your eyes and tell you you’re gonna be okay, maybe just a few tips that have helped me so much through the years rock the little baby that is me 🙂 when she needs deep deep comforting will help you.

So here they are:

1) First, I move my whole being to a quiet space. This often means physically change locations: stop driving, or move away from my desk or step away from wherever I am and find a space on the floor or my bed or a rug or something cushion-y to sit because I’ve learned that it helps me warm up in thought when I’m cuddling my heart tangibly.

2) Second, when I find that quiet space, I literally hug my knees to my chest and rock myself, like perhaps you did as a child. And while I”m rocking myself I take several long deep breaths.

3) Third, when I’m feeling calm within and I”m rocking myself, the next thing I do is defend where I am dwelling: that I dwell in thought in the right now present moment (doesn’t matter if you think this or speak it out loud). And I defend that this fact that I dwell in thought is true for me now in this moment and for all time.

4) Fourth, when I am rocking myself and affirming I dwell in the right now moment, I defend the presence that is governing my every single solitary thought, word, action and deed. I’ve studied practical spirituality for well over 20 years and I’ve come to find a bedrock firm foundation in this knowing that the infinite presence and all power of divine Love is actually 24/7 surrounding me, grounding me, sustaining me, governing me and every single one of us, truly.

5) Fifth, and with this rocking and tendering up of my heart, and with this knowing and tangibly feeling of the all presence and power of divine Love governing my now and the now of every single one of us, I defend that this awareness of Love is knowable and palpable now, for everyone. This works as a shield to thwart off all arrows and daggers of criticism that have tried to disturb my day or my week or my month (eh hem, or my several months). And that because any word or thought spoken or written that intends a bad purpose or meaning is not really coming from a substantial source (because the ego is not ever a substantial source) then I do not have to feel manipulated by its sting.

And I stay like this rocking myself and affirming these truths, even if I’m feeling so very stung while doing it and even if the tears are outpouring.

You know what happens after a little while or a long while?

All that remains is a really long lasting calm and peace.

And I keep at it until there is.

And if the phone rings or my texting goes off and I know someone is trying to reach me, then I weigh my state of thought before diving into yet another interaction with others.

If I don’t feel wholly peaceful and calm, I don’t take the call.

If I do, then I do.

But rocking the little babe that is me is vital vital necessary work and it deserves no interruption, just as when a mother or father is rocking their little one to sleep, who would dare interrupt that activity.

So, here you are 5 steps that help me time and again rock the little baby that is my heart to a space of calm deep knowing and feeling a lasting sense of inner peace that thwarts off the sting of criticism, judgement, misinterpretation or whatever.

Hope this is helpful.

If so and you wanna learn more about this or other tools I use to actively perpetuate lasting inner peace and comfort for my moments I hope you’ll leave a comment below or email me at tre at thought by thought dot net.

Big hugs to you. Thank you for reading this and here’s to a wonderful peaceful day and night for you ahead.

Tre ~

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