Audrey & audreyTwo girls being true to their heart

One reading poems

One playing with my dog 

Both named Audrey

Neither knew me

All of us brought together

On this tender afternoon being love and feeling free

One just returned from abroad

And writes poems too

Another bounded over my way

Visiting here while her Virginia home’s floor are renewed

Two moments in time 

Unplanned and upredicted

But happen while I’m praying

About a collection and steps bigger I am taking.

So grateful for prayer

So grateful for advocating

On this day of women’s equality

So grateful for wholeness being

Thank you Audrey and Audrey 

My heart 2 yours…

Tre ~
*was the neatest hug from Mother Love

Pray walking like I do I spotted a gal reading poetry in a book!

So rare to see pages in one’s hands these days

And I embraced her and asked her her name
Audrey she said and we shared a heartfelt talk

And then bounded over a little one “can I please let your dog?”

I asked her her name

It’s always my way

And she said “Audrey ” and Audrey 1 and I looked at each other and said its the same!!!

And those gals will never know the bid of yes you can they gave my heart

But wow to that moment hence I took this photograph