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Daily Acronym for Thursday

English: Brisbane Glen road in the autumn.

English: Brisbane Glen road in the autumn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello and Happy Thursday.

Today’s #Dailyacronym is a thought by thought nudge that helps me steady on:

This hour unfathomable roads seem doable actualizing you



Today, allowing ourselves to sit still with our inklings, hug them up and minimally say yes to our hearts, will enable us to begin to chisel away the muck that says

‘You’re not ready’

‘You’re not good enough’

‘You’re not allowed’

and whatever else doubt-speak blares

and in that chiseling away the doubt-speak?

We find our yes…


This –right this very this

hour — as in right now this second

unfathomable — as in the way you always seek to be but maybe keep falling short…or as in the stuff you always want to do yet feel stuck without a map for how to)

roads (yep, them. the very inklings things we express or do or be)

seem — appear …and if something appears there begins to be a bit of trust in its possibility

doable — yep. no more offlimits too hard or too difficult (whether becoming a whole new you or simply expressing a bit more of a certain quality)

actualizing — this is the becoming and being

you — your very self

Here’s to being and doing this thought nudge all day and every day 🙂

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