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We yearn to know which way to go and for a time we may follow for surely we think someone else knows which way to journey to get there which way to go

And as we follow something deep within whispers not that way luv ug but over here now this…and we wanna nod and say yes to that inner but the masses are following and they’re doing it over there true tis

And so begins the inner conflict

Of wanting to follow

Yet wanting to listen to the quiet “this way”.. the inner whisper’s “this “

And so we do a little bit of both

Yet you cant really get anywhere if you’re neither full on following nor leaning in to that “this way” go

But we try to convince ourselves we just need to try harder with both and benefit from all of it

Yet the followers have expanded and explored dozens more ways

And the quiet within still summons “hello? Over here… this way…” And the thing about tone and manner that’s always stuck

When a summons is gentle and welcoming it’s real and authentic

And when a mandate insists and rather tells one to go follow

Well it’s kinda offputting and maybe that’s he whole point of this poem ?? Are we going and following

Or responding to the inner “this way”

Can we distinguish the difference between gentle and dictated mandates?

Has Love ever had rules or games to play?

Has it ever been about conditions or ultimatums or hierarchical top downs demanding “that way”?!! Oh tis true seems ever a choice

will we follow or perhaps choose to heed the inner still voice

Maybe it’s not really a choice at all if we stand still and know “this way this moment Love will show “

Then It’s not s choice of either or , or when

It’s a matter of being conscious awake and fully engaged in what is at hand

No now not enough

No now not there

No now lacking an ounce of anything it needs

For us to full on be all who we each are and show and life how much we care….

As for a path I’ve not found it’s linear

It’s messy and cloudy and seems vague if we try to outline or map it fully as a destination for someday way over there

Rather is the moment what seems to hold most direction

For right here

Right now

We each can hear our “this way” song in whatever direction …


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