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Have you met Enough?

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Enough?

I’ve tried, many a time, but she seems always busy doing other stuff.

She’ll agree to connect and then cancels last minute.

She has this way of implying I haven’t earned the right to meet her just yet.

Yet so many people talk about her it seems.

She’s kinda popular among those that like to be seen.

And I used to think maybe she just doesn’t want to meet.

Perhaps somehow I’m not her type…

Perhaps I’m too ‘unknown’ to her… 

or maybe just just doesn’t like poetry…

But yesterday when she cancelled…

I took a long pause.

At first it made me sad and upset 

Like I missed someone important.

But it had been a good day so far

And in fact there’ve been several.

And so I just hugged my heart and reminded her

She may just have become too busy and not been able.

The thing about wanting to meet her and connect

I had heard she was worth getting to know….

And yet……

I also thought long and hard last night as I prayed and stared at the moon.

If i actually met Enough, what if it was I that didn’t like her tis true.

See maybe it’s in my best interest to not meet her at all.

Maybe just maybe she is the kind that judges someone…

Or thinks there’s ways to size someone’s importance up as big or small.

Maybe just maybe it’s okay I don’t know her personally.

I have my sights on plenty of other things that I need to stay focused on to keep growing, actually.

And something about meeting ‘Enough’ that keeps not coming together.

Well, it’s kinda okay with me because my goal isnt Enough but rather “Infinite.”

I’ve been told she doesn’t settle as she pursues no lacks or limits.

And she probably doesn’t frown or feel down when another keeps cancelling.

Yes, tonight I think I am becoming more aware.

Sometimes as we are growing 

We are protected from engaging with those who would perhaps hold us back or keep us satisfied with going nowhere.

So I’ll just forgive Enough again, it’s what I do.

And yet I know in my heart I will set my sites on meeting Infinite tis true.

And maybe that’s the whole point too is just sorta glance and waive if Enough swings by…

But I must keep pushing through and overcoming pulls of

it doesn’t matter

And no one will notice

Or apathy

And what’s in it for me

As I strive to keep doing good that blesses others and not be concerned with whatever status it’s achieved…

I yearn to overcome any obstacle

To not flinch or believe it’s a hard world

Yes to prove everything is possible when it’s done with love….

And the thought of meeting Infinite is actually a real goal….

I’ve heard she hugs you with a warmth that sees right through every belief of weakness or slightest ounce of doubt….

Or fear that something seems insurmountable

So that’s today what I have set my sights on

I’ve resolved it’s okay Enough cancelled

For it left my moments open to ponder the qualities of being I wish to become…

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

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