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Independence from mortality

This is dedicated to every woman I know who’s carving out a desk in the his her closet…

Who does her creating and praying in a bathroom

Whose living in her car right now (not by choice)

Who’s making a hotel room her home for now

Who’s sleeping on someone’s couch til she knows her next where

Who’s figuring out next steps but doesn’t feel able to take any of them…

Who’s staying with (even tho she oughta go) bc to leave is too scary

(And you must know I don’t share this lightly bc a surface reader may think I’m not grateful… it is not that. Sometimes we don’t feel allowed to talk about the hard bc we aren’t at a border shelter or on the rooftop flooded out by water or at least we have things etc…

May no one feel ever her/his fear is insignificant…

May she know it’s all healable in an instant…why:because at every moment there is Love embracing governing being who you are…and as you listen you will hear and that listening hushes up and proves powerless all fear. xoxoxo)

My heart to yours… Tre

“It doesn’t matter

I can work anywhere

Why do I need a big object

How many years have I written on my phone whether standing in a room or in public

I don’t need this

It doesn’t make sense

What if I lose my spontaneity

And innocence

I don’t wanna become one of those people —those office types

Who sit all day and stare at screens from morning til night”

You name it

It’s been there

Denouncing the assembly of

Two sweet tables I purchased as desks probably now five months ago

I’m not sure I’ll keep it…

and I’m never sure where I’ll be…

I forever have wings and am determined always to use them and live unbounded and free…

So yesterday as I stared at the mess…

Of boxes and unassembled this and that

I wanted to run away —>>oh how am I an expert at that

But instead I got on my knees and prayed with a Phillips head….

Every thing about creating home

Whether you live in a tent or a big condo or home

Everything about creating home for precious you

Has everything to do with EVERYTHING MATTERING because it’s for you to see and use as you envision it to in fact …

I don’t know that I’ll ever sit I stand when I create

So as I assembled them yesterday…

in my heart they’re an assembly line of possibilities to be made…

And this day of independence from all that would impose unwanted rule

I toast a victory to each of us striving to live unbounded humanhood

Unbounded by doubt

Unbounded by fear

Unbounded by apathy and it’s strangling “nothing matters”

Unbounded by regret

Unbounded by loss

Unbounded by all that says but life was supposed to go that way we thought

Unbounded by limits of all we haven’t done yet

Unbounded by what we need to achieve still and deeply hope to in fact

Unbounded unrestricted unlimited in all ways

If you think this is about a desk dear love one reading it’s about LIVING independence and being unenslaved

Some will roll eyes and message me “what’s the big deal”

Others will roll eyes and say this isn’t news what matters is the Thailand boys being found

Some will message me and say are you kidding you didn’t go to a picnic?

To all of them and to all around we are each living independence

What keeps you enslaved to all that you think you can’t

What keeps you groveling about all that ever happened back when

Can you fathom a shift of thought in this very moment now

I’ve been cherishing publishing for like ever but it’s only drawing on me now

That every moment we live unbounded we are publishing hope

And every time we boot fear to the curb for the nothingness it is we are publishing LIFE

Does it matter if anyone sees or gets what we face

What matters is you not run from your precious you who is never a big mess

Today a desk

Tomorrow I hope a tiny house

And one with wheels so I can go hug everyone I love so much

I’m a big idea person who thinks huge then is able to step

Likely a tiny house will happen for me not tomorrow but in a few months bit…

But no matter the form of the home that houses our hearts

We are each bulldozing mortality and publishing independence with each fear over come EVERY single moment

May you brave now

May you face thought

May you never judge yourself with where you are and what you thought you’d be doing by now

May you be the child that endured and see the Thailand boys as evidence of patience

May nothing feel undoable

Especially when it’s done with love and hope and grace

Happy independence from mortality day

Happy 4th

Huggabuggas xoxoxoxo












(woman=worthiness owns moments actualizing now )


What’s saying to you “nothing matters”

Can you face that down with the worth of your precious individuality

Can you take 5 mins to change that thought

Can you stand up look out at a new view and take stalk in all you have to be grateful for

We are so loved

We are so needed

We are so able to bust down “nothing matters” apathy….

(If you need help doing so message/call/text/email me ) xoxoxoxo

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