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Jayne’s flowers

Her name is Jayne and she sells flowers

and I could’ve talked with her for several hours

She takes this blossoms and configures them a new

creating sisters and brothers of a new bloom…

I watched her for a little while as she partnered pedals I’ve never seen before…

And she did it so effortlessly it’s like a science to her…

And as she saw me watching her she looked up and said how are you and I asked her what inspired her to do what she does?

And she said there’s always something about a flower that brings such a smile it’s the single thing that it almost doesn’t matter who gives it…

The joy that goes with it lasts for a long while

And I told her about a flower I received some time wayback when and how it gave me hope and meaning when I absolutely needed it

From who would become a dear friend

and she said “oh I can tell you’re a thinker …let me share a story with you ”

and she proceeded to tell me that years ago she saw someone sad and gave her a yellow flower

that made her smile

and a police officer was watching all of this for a little while

and he would later meet up with this flower sales woman about a year and a half later

to tell her that he followed the woman with the yellow flower because he knew he recognized her

as it turns out she had wandered away from her home two states away and have been on the missing persons list and he was able to get her safely back to her family because he watched a woman give her a flower that day

And the officer gave Jayne five dollars and said keep it up please do it again…

and she told me this just moments ago

and it’s made me well up with love because may we never second guess when we’re inspired to give especially when it’s a flower or any kind of expression of love

my heart to yours stop at nothing to be true to your heart #spontaneous_poeming #myheart2yours #thoughbythought #investher #founher #leadher #thinker #herstory #history #belove

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