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Keepsake #17: Knowing how and when and why…

Stormy seas and strong winds
Image by Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits via Flickr

There was a wind that picked up from out of nowhere so it seemed.

And one leaf  said to the other “oh my golly we’re really started to feel this wind…”

and another “get a load of the size of that gust…”

and another “whoa nilly here comes a bigger one…hang on tight!”

And in all their murmuring, none of them heard the trunk….for it was breathing a calm calm strong sound…..

But had they heard the trunk, they would have heard it say “Hush all. This is nothing. I’ve got this. And you.”

For the trunk know that the ways and means of the atmosphere can seem windy, stormy, heavy, and mucky.

But in the standing, it knows..and it knows how to be and when to be and why to be…


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