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Light and love

A frozen stream flows away from the light

But is that perhaps what it seems

Depending on my view alright?

Do any of us turn from that which we are

The light

The love

The spirituality

No matter where now finds us no matter what we’ve done or what’s happened to us


Yes even

When we feel so far

Light and love don’t beckon like it’s optional

Light and love are our substance essence of our being… eternal

The thought that says “do this then you’ll be better stronger more acceptable more spiritual “ is the pull to seem

To seem

To seem

As if it’s ever been a choice

To seem good

To seem honest

As if not we risk

That teeter totter pull

Of maybe good maybe bad

Has not ever been who we each are

We are the light the love ever flowing

And as we know this

No matter the perspectives that accuse of otherway going

Be so sure this is true:

The moment it accuses—>

That’s it’s give away

That’s the belief of mortality and all it’s limits—not you—beckoning you….

Light and love are nonnegotiables

Light and love haven’t ever been needing to seem pitchworthy or proveable

Ownership means being true

And oh what obstacles may be overcome as this knowing breathes through you….







#tappingtruths ?



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