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Morning meditation…heal pull to empty, guilt, and fear

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This moment now is Love’s…

There is nothing wrong in this right now moment.

In this right now moment all that is going on is Love…the only being…and its expression of itself.

This moment, right now, Love and how it is expressing itself is all that is going on.

This moment now is safe.

This moment right now is ordered.

This moment right now is complete.

And I am at one with this Love.

Meaning all my footsteps are ordered.

Each moment of my day is ordered.

Each moment of my day is complete, full, safe, known.

I am safe this moment, held in the arms of Love.

I am the expression of Love’s being this moment.

Nothing can interrupt my knowing of this calm safe this moment.

Nothing can feel like a dark abyss of unknown.

Nothing can feel like a dark abyss of emptiness.

Nothing can convince me that I am separate for one moment from the Love that is basing my being.

I am safe in this Love and all are safe in this Love.

No one is outside of this Love.

No one is open to believing he or she is outside of this Love.

Whatever suggests separation from this Love is suggestion only not truth and can not be made to forever distract or disturb me or anyone else.

I am safe today, this hour, this moment.

I am a right idea this moment this hour this day.

I am not a mistake and nothing about how I know and what I know is a mistake.

I am not partial but a whole complete idea of Love.

Each and every man is a whole complete idea of Love.

No one is lacking one iota of goodness.

No one is lacking one iota of intelligence.

I am not lacking one iota of intelligence or goodness and I am able to see everyone who comes into my day today as that expression of Love.

No matter if someone uses harsh words toward me.

No matter is someone seems to be self absorbed and unaware of me.

All I can see or know or be influenced by is the good of someone’s life and the what Love wants me to see in that individual.

Thus I am so held in the consciousness of Love today and always.

And I can approach every single moment today as held in that consciousness of love.

There is no part of this day better than another part.

There is no great wonderful inspired morning to be lost by the afternoon and forgotten by the evening.

This day is one harmonious flow of Love’s being and I am what Love is being and all mankind is what Love is thinking and knowing and expressing in our true innate goodness, the only substantial form.

So not only is my thought safe today able to respond only to Love but the thought of everyone around me able to hear and respond only to Love.

We are all safe.

We are all seen.

We are all known.

We are all loved.

And I can walk around my day today knowing this feeling this defending this embracing this truth for me and all this moment this hour this now this day.

Thank you Love for allowing this knowledge.

Thank you Love for holding all of us and keeping all loved and seen and safe and known and held and free.
Now this moment and always…

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