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On letting go…why I’ve paused a relationship with my how process


Staring out at a frozen lake
I felt a tinge of a familiar ache
I felt that empty thing that’s there
When we say goodbye, and take a step toward a new there…

Or when we choose to let go something we must
Because we’ve become too attached
To caring about the outcome
And the nudge to let go we’ve come to trust…

I felt it for a few reasons:
Video poeming on facebook established my relationship with you ~
You: whoever views or listens…
You: whoever is sifting thoughts with me

But also was it a strengthening of a relationship with my sense of inner nudge …
The pull that is impelling all of us…
what to me is how Love speaks with and emanates our being…

We are after all its reflection.

And while I didn’t say (nor can we) goodbye to that impelling …
It could seem as if I say goodbye to
My commitment to you, the viewer, the one who views and listens…

And really neither is true…

This is no farewell… Surely

It is instead a time of sifting…a pausing.

So here I explain a bit more why I’m pausing–not leaving–video poeming.

Truly this is true about me:

When I love
It is for forever, eternally
Because when I love,
I come from a place that seeks to see mine and anyone’s authentic being.

Loving that way?
Comes from reflecting a sense of the divine..

And what I’ve learned of Divine Love?

It never leaves us…forever
or even for a moment
It never says goodbye…
It never even pauses…
It never let’s go
It never lets us go

Yet how we each experience that Love and feel it and express it will differ.

For me it’s through thought by thought advocating and living that relationship of oneness

And why then I choose to trust it completely when choosing to say yes to the nudge to poem…

Then why stop after 31

What’s funny is that nudge didn’t come with a stipulation “Do this for 31 days. Then stop.”

Rather was that a feeling I had as I followed along day by day.

But I am wondering right now if I put the brakes on a bit to breathe
To assess
To just catch up if you will with what I saw happening.

I paused so that this activity — spontaneous healing poeming — doesn’t become rote routine or habit

Either for the one poeming (me)
Or for the one viewing…

I paused the poeming
Because I don’t want to encourage a personal following…
Tis true…

I may be one of the rare few
Who admit this
But I never want anyone saying
“Did you see what Tre is doing?”
But rather hear the idea shared and value what was poemed…

And more still…
That any idea I share gives you a green light to be your true…

(Eh hem yes I have a ways to go because
The art of sculpting meaning spontaneously and outpouring what you hear is surely a skill that deserves fine tuning…

I also paused the poeming because
I felt myself becoming attached
to the comments and or absence of or lack of responses

And maybe many would say it’s ok…
To look for how our words impacted another’s day…

But create I must and share the stories of overcoming fear each day
But deeply more than
Me just showng up
Is that in sharing my stories another may find the means to share her or his victories of overcoming fear…

As we do?
We each prove Love is with us always
Forever steering
And never abandons or neglects
And is always the inner nudge we are hearing…
the very what impels our very song.

So for now a pause and sifting
And to be sure as I am nudged will there be more poeming

But promise Love with me as we each journey…
That in whatever way you are able you will record for your own keeping
How you are overcoming fear and
Allowing Love’s steering…

(If interested in viewing the 31 videos I spontaneously poemed via video as part of the #365feministselfie series, you can find all on my facebook wall)

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