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On the way to someday when


She paused her looking
Of how everyone else was doing theirs
Or how society said she oughta do hers
And chose instead to stop pretending
She’d had much figured out when really she spent days asking
Yearning for truth
And so instead of waiting
She chose instead to pursue
And this pursuit made her insist at once
anything desired wasn’t meant to be postponed
That there was never a moment better than now
And so she chose to embody that wow

And what would she do
And where would she go
And who would she become
And what new insights would she grow?

Well she didn’t much devote her thought to those questions
Because they were motivated by the belief that out there is the where of successes

Rather she chose to reframe those questions
Into asserting and advocating truths she was certain

Right now new
Right now complete
Right now loved
Right now spiritually perfect
Right now free
Right now unimpressed
Right now allowed
Right now being her best
Right now sustained
Right now supplied
Right now living and being no reason to wait and hide

Right now able to use her voice
Right now ready to make the choice
To stop waiting
To stop believing
Something out there is worth pursuing
Rather will she stand at that space of already there
And insist she includes all now and dwell thought in that where
The only space
The only place
The consciousness of love
And our forever oneness…

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