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Thank you November…

Thank you November for all your great good

You allowed autumn her colorscaping

And we much gratitude

You gave us some winds and tons of moist rain

You hovered over with more warmth you reminded us to pace

For winter will be here once more

You were a gentle month

As ever I remember

But maybe it’s truly cause

You reminded me there’s worth in a single moment…

You helped me pause and listen

And hault the someday when

You made me face my thought

And helped me stand again and again

You lifted up my gaze

And let me see the leaves

You reminded me of immeasureable blessings

each and every day not just on your 23.

You gave me the gift of offline

and reclaimed solitude and stillness

You helped me pick up a pen again

and reminded me “girl you got this.”

Thank you sweet November…

I don’t wanna ever let you go…

Should not so be for December is dear

But November like me you seem to adore the natural the gentle the slow

A season of gratitude can continue

The pumpkin candle still aglow

Thank you tender November

I adored your gentle gestures so…


Ever since I was little I said a thank you prayer to the month at its closure

For me a way of taking stock in all the good and opening my heart up for how I could give more and live love and strive to be better

In whatever ways you are taking stock in the great good of now

May you know that no matter what tries to suggest otherwise good has occurred …you have lived love… and we each can be love even more broadly now and the morrow xoxoxo







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