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ThinkHer tool #11

So we hear a nudge and trust it… but then what?…

It’s not easy (and it for me is often always hard !!!

I’m being so honest!!!) to act on the nudge I hear …

As I share these poems daily,

I keep hearing the voice that wants to share more background about the behind the convictions to show the praying…

The wrestling down in thought the fear …and the beliefs that nothing is easy for me…

That every hour as I am true to my heart,

I go from being thrilled there’s no map …

to panicked I’m not following something!

Ohhhh for a yellow brick road ….

But that lasts only til I heal the fear…

and then “ahhhh blank canvas big infinite good of Love to be”

takes hold of my heart again…

(Recall: there’s plenty of tangibles I’ll share eventually… for now I’ve gotta get the thinkhertools out of my heart and onto the page )

I have to be aware every moment of what I am deciding.

Not choosing is a decision too.

So each moment I have to see and discern am I stepping into what I hear.

For ThinkHer tool 11 I share a decisive poem 🙂 “Decisive is a quality I intend and live…even if I’m able to only choose one little thing. Being aware helps me discern what I’m choosing (thus deciding) moment by moment. “

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