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ThinkHer Tool #13

Do you wait for good to happen to you?

Expect to have invitations/opportunities/people finding you/your work that perhaps don’t come through?

Can you fathom the possibility that this moment is as significant as any other

for you to embody deliberate


We do not need to wait …for good to happen or come true to be discovered or for wonderful things to occur….

We are not Cinderella ~ bless her~ but she waited for a man to find her slipper…

Being it to her

Rescue her

And create a life for her of happily ever after

No one can create your happily ever after

You hold it within you to be and embody!!!


Because you are the expression of Love this moment and Love is already seeing you whole and complete….

Though I adored that Cinderella story growing up…

I even for one Halloweeen like Cinderella dressed up

Yet it’s not really in this age practical…

The prince can represent a companion surely ,

but much greater than that to me,

he represents waiting for possibility of good finding, rescuing or creating a wonderful life for we

He represents other out that that must happen later

And my heart to yours ?

My entire journey ?….though it’s so infant new in the scheme of herstory…

the moments I’ve felt most alive are when I’m taking steps of embodying deliberate you see.

And not waiting for other to rescue discover cons

But creating wonderful for me and others to try….

This is a vital quality we each already hold…

Be deliberate dear one in this moment now.

My heart with yours…

Tre ~


ThinkHer Tool 13:

With each moment,

each breath,

each step,

I embody deliberate…

There is no wallowing, waivering indecisiveness

as I defend this moment’s significance.

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