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Thought-tip for this moment of today

Good morning friend.

I am striving to post a poem a day (between 7am and 9am EST ish)

tapped on my phone with my leftthumb and rightpointer

I share from #myheart2yours what helps me heal daily fear in all its forms.

Here’s today’s:) #thought_tip for facing down fear that shows up as #overwhelm :

When you awake


overwhelm bombards you,

it’s vital to take moments to calm thoughts

and try to ponder

what Truth knows about you.

Turn thought from

the fear of unknowns


the list of “I dunno’s”

and defend:

whatever occurs to you to do

you already hold within you

the clarity and capacity to. ~~~~

Bare with me as I learn the type of font that works best on my photos as I’m using @over and it’s the best for now I know xoxoxo we are each so loved and adored and we can each overcome fear in all its varied nothing forms.


#thoughtbythought #healing #poetry #momentbymoment #spiritualadvocacy #mentalhealth #health #thoughtcoach #managemoment #chooseinfluence #loveyourpreciousyou


As always, if any thought too speaks to your heart


you wish to dialogue with me further, I welcome you email me.

It would be a joy to hear from you and I read all my emails, I truly do!!

Email is like snail mail to me…


Or you’re welcome to schedule a listening session…

which is where we share a call for 15-20 mins

and you can outpour with me whatever is knawing on your heart…

and I’ll give you some truth thought tools to ponder upon…

and you can see if that kind of call/ connection is what you are looking for.

I so appreciate you being here and welcome the opportunity to connect with you further.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

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