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Unharmed and untouched in the atmosphere of Spirit

The following is a poem that I penned spontaneously using my left thumb and right pointer tapping letter tiles on my iPhone while I was praying about the atmosphere of thought in our nation right now and the rise of the #metoo movement.

I offer it as comfort and hope and welcome having a conversation with you and discussing the possibility of healing if these words resonate with you. Much good to you always and thank you for devoting moments here and reading…. Tre ~

The pull to consider what happened when

Can tug at our heart

Make us feel suffocated

And even cause us to block memory

That pull I’ve come to know

Is the strategy of mortal thinking

And as I have found in endeavoring to live practical spirituality

There’s a right now for anyone one of us opportunity

At any moment each one of us can seek

The view of ourselves from Spirit–indeed our true individuality

This substance is right now and forever free from all harm

This substance right now eternally is held safe in Love’s arms

This substance remains untouched unscarred unblemished

Even if the most horrid of horrid has happened to you

(And I know this can sound hard to fathom )

But Love sees you whole now and always complete and as spiritual –perfect …

For each one of us is the breath of God

We are each a child an idea an instance of divine Love

And that Love never ever abandons neglects rejects its ideas

Nor does that Love ever oust shun deny or forbid its precious offspring

Our identity in Truth is unmarred from mortal muck

And healing is possible even from the memory of the most heinous as you seek to know yourself as an instance of Love

It’s a view that is holy and full of meaning and it sometimes demands every ounce of focus and thinking

But mental residue cannot hold anyone in a thought prison

No matter how strong that seeming hold is

No matter how impossible it seems to claim “I am innocent”

This truth is a spiritual fact

And the law of Divine Love grounds each be of us in this truth now.

What knowing this truth helps you do then

Is keep thought focused on the right now at hand

And shackles that once bound you loosen their seeming stronghold

And doubts and uncertainties lose their authority in thinking and you become more able to standing on solid knowing….

If you dear one reading experience any kind of nightmare from the past

If any memory hasn’t left thought and has changed how you show up to the world and you wish to change that…

Know dear one that you are now and have always been eternally held

As an integretous expression of all that is Spirit….

Your thought about yourself can be cleansed and renewed

You can gain a right now sense of your identity as spiritual and this elevated your wo/manhood.

No event is too dark

No memory too thick

Your allegiance is forever with divine Love

And you are now and always rooted and grounded in Spirit.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

“God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self- governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy

(From Science and Health a book I study daily to expand my sense of practical spirituality. This statement can be found on page 106, line 7-11).

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