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Wait for me…

Please wait for me I call out to the sun

Please don’t sink yet

For me the day’s not done

A silent prayer with every sunsetting

I still have a knot in my throat as I did when little

For when the sun set people changed

So it seemed with the light went away the innocence

And out came the harsh the dark and sometimes mean

Oh I never much liked the night as a child

And even in adult years

Yet in winter it’s a magical time

And a night like tonight every star just shines

Much earlier today a beloved friend and I chatted

8 hours ahead is she and I found myself as we hung up a bit sad

She was in night

So it seemed

And as she was going night night she said

“have a graceful gentle day sweet precious Tre”

And it was perfect because she wasn’t saying “until the night comes “

She was nodding with me that the day would be filled with Love

She was reminding me be grace be gentle the whole day through….

And I was and it was and then on a walk with Berk I took these photos to share with you…

For again I find myself saying “wait for me” to someone I deeply love

I think I was always hoping when I did that thing then I would earn the right to go share time

But that thing may never ever get done

As one reassesses priorities

Yet that night pulls of all that seems lost

While I climbed

While I pursued

While I insisted what I must do

While I said this way it’s gotta happen

Yet now that this way is so not even doable

And so to the one* I’m saying please wait for me

I can’t get back years

I can’t get back the always gentle grace me

Maybe I’ve been her all along

Maybe not we shall see

But I’m being her now

And goodness hugging all I tried to do

Go me

Go me

I gave it the best I could

And I can get into the heart I’ve never left

And say with my whole being

We never ever lose our true me while pursuing what (we think) we must…

* this poem is dedicated to my precious mom…

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