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Womanhood Wednesday : And one day she caught herself seeking approval…

This is a poem I wrote spontaneously based on a question that I wrestle with daily–am I allowed?Even when you feel —about certain decisions—confident and sure,there are new levels of unknown and insecure … yet each one moment… each seeming level each seeming question… is one more occasion to grow and stand with oneness…

We are all one with Love and it guides and governs and nudges each step …each thought …every moment…

If asking permission or asking “am I allowed” comes to you daily too and you wish to have someone with whom to talk it through, I would be grateful to hear from you and offer and show you how I sort thoughts and how I pray to get an answer.

My heart to yours, Tre ~

I happened upon a little bundle of loveThe other day when I took a driveIt was a moment for me when time stood stillHolding an infant pup and all that he feltI was instantly brought back to a day that feels like yesterdayWhen a bundle of similar love found in my arms its wayAnd yet back then as that pup was a giftI didn’t find myself then asking this way? Like this?Many would never admit itOther many will think me a baffoon And then others may quietly nod as if to say “me too”The permission seeking we sometimes often do when we are taking steps that may seem to be supposedly so easy yet never are this trueSome folk say do whatever you wantOthers seem to say seize the bull by the hornsOthers say it’s your life But when a life is of serviceit does seek to best bless othersAnd in that seeking of “what will bless most?” There is still for me a deep questioning of “is this the way I am to go? And it may seem so weak and perhaps hypocriticalBut at times it’s easier to see how someone else can become fear free than understand what’s blocking my thought. Expanding my thought and life is something I do yearn to do…So that thoughts don’t land on certain topics and stay there as they routinely seem to do…If all is good and is brought from God why would there ever be a good brought that can harm?Oh may I be uncluttered in thought…Able to embrace all that comes as goodness and joy from divine Love!!!

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