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Womanhood Wednesday: Watch…thought…always

Watch news and react? Or watch thought and advocate? Each moment is a vital moment to choose what we will allow govern our attention each now.As we face thought each moment we can check: what’s governing me right now? fear or Love? And determine if we will allow that influence.If you don’t know how to face thought, here’s what helps me every hour each moment:Check in with your focus –what holds your attention.Check in with your thought and see what’s dominating your thinking.Are you focused on headlines, what someone tweeted , someone’s comment’s, someone’s opinion? Are you reacting? And can you turn away from that pull? Of course you can…and you can each moment.Instead of giving attention to what others are doing or said, you can devote focus on your deepest convictions instead.Does that intimidate you because you don’t know what you believe? Tender one reading I was in my late teens (19) before I learned how to sift my thinking.The deep desire that wants more than surface fear… that constant anxiety that the mass media wants you to hear… that hasn’t ever formed a consecrated to good thinkHer … We can each refuse to be bullied or used by those tactics…we can grab hold and steer thought to listening to deeper yearnings… Start to begin to trust there’s more than just what’s on the surface… We are not sponges soaking up breaking news and opinions…We are conscious beings who have right now dominion…”The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable.” Mary Baker Eddy If you like this post and wish to learn better how to face thought and sift it and learn how to better manage what holds your attention, I welcome working with you.

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