And one day she …

by Tre on April 15, 2014


And one day she chose

To live instead of hide

To allow instead of deny

To breathe instead of cringe

To be calm instead of binge

To greet each moment as a new friend

To value the process instead of pine for the end

To accept that many goals were too hard

To work on what was infront of her, not gaze so out there far

To defend she had always been true

To know how she loved was the only follow through

For to her the whole point was in love

To see it give it and be it evermore

And while most chose to pine for outcome

Doing so had robbed the very in between, how she loved…

So she mothered moments that much more

And she listened to each intention to know for sure

If each hours being found her fully in now

And she resisted pulls to pine for yet another possible wow

For she saw that life was like a brilliant sunrise

Whose rays emerge slightly and then finally fully realize

And yet the sun itself doesn’t open and close

But like thought does awareness seem to open our moments

And each one is able to fully see

That the purpose of now is to love fully here and hush the seeming

And to hold the perpetual hope for all

That the only purpose of fear is to keep all rays from horizon peeking

And so she hugged her heart fully once again

For in facing now moments she found her forever friend….

The precious expression of Love itself

Always exuding never able to be withheld….

And that morning she penned a promise with a pen.

“No more shall I run from being Love, my forever friend.”



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