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7 ways to hush fear and overwhelm

Overwhelmed by what’s unknown? Stressing over what’s unknown? Here’s my how to bust through all of that mental muck that inhibits you from being true to your authentic self… 1. Establish your sense of what is ruddering you and each one of us. (Mind…Love…the only true cause). 2. Know that this Mind is Love and knows all and reveals understanding. 3. Defend your Oneness. (“I am one with Love”). 4. Rename the “unknown”.. Read More

January 1, 2015

Change. An outstretched arm. Beckons now Open hug Judgment free This moment Here. Choose. A firmly closed hand Holds us strong Clenched grasp Unending This now Always Stand. An unswerving conviction Fills our hearts Grounding foundation Eternal This moment Always


What does now look like? Now: ripe with possibility… No paralysis no inability… No residue from a past performance… No remnant from a broken heart, lost job, or divorce… Now is the right this moment and where thought is focused… Now is the unlimited, unconfined, undefined brilliance… Now is the ability to completely overflow… Now is the pushing back mental sleeves and to the pulls of past dwelling? one says “no!” Now is.. Read More