This photo was added upon taking a run earlier this evening…from my iPhone…there was a time when I once thought I’d never be able to capture the images I saw with my heart…sharing any photo is me bulldozing the condemning I used to feel that my images weren’t “good enough.’ :) share your images, your heart, your how you love. it will always matter. it is always vital. and you precious you are so invaluable and needed. Love, Tre :) 


A spontaneous poem…about confronting all the derogatory that echoes within…Every single  form and tone of “That’s impossible” and “That will never happen.” …

It can come out of nowhere

This feeling of paralysis

Every idea I’ve dreamed of

Suddenly all of them feel undoable

Every goal

Every yearning

Every how about this

All of it sounds so overwhelming

Like a mental tsunami has hit

Nothing makes sense when everything once did

Everything seems harder than before and more so than it ever did

When this totally every moment feels hard

Overwhelms me like my now

I take stock in the fact I know this cloud is mental

And I pray myself through it all somehow.

I’m not sharing this now so anyone will pat me on the back and say everything will be okay.

I’m sharing this because no one talks openly about when nothing at all makes sense.

And some people will see what you’re doing

And think wow  you are so brave

And others will see what you’re doing and think “are you kidding me you’ve given your whole life to this and you’re still getting nowhere slowly.”

And most won’t really be commenting authentically because I seldom ever show

The real work that goes on in my thinking each moment every day all day long

The battle I wage hourly

Is one of refusing to consent

To the belief that I am or anyone is ever lacking a single thing.

And of course the evidence says much the contrary to that.

It infact condemns the every breath we take

And it absolutely insists we lack everything…every ability, every opportunity…everything of meaning.

And that we will never get closer to achieving or attaining it any goal so why bother.

So when this dark cloud comes over me…

And I feel gluttonous for ever wanting to achieve any of my goals,

I get very quiet

And I pray silently

And of late I’ve been offline so many days and more often than most

I am 100% certain that everything worth doable is impossible

Yet why cave and cower to the “that’s too hard”???

Why not start there and prove that conclusion irrational.

Here’s to BUSTING THROUGH paralysis, oh the mental kind.

Here’s to being the role model for generations unborn that won’t know the difference between what gender achieved what

They’ll just see accomplishments of human kind.


My heart to yours,


Tre ~