And…hello :)

Thought by thought…

It’s how we live

It’s how we be

Moving forward in thought

Actualizing our spirituality

Thought by thought
Is how we out off limits
How we bulldoze fear
How we hush the lack lies
How we live our infinite

Our nature is whole
Already complete
Fully innocent loved and unique

Our nature is sustained
Supplied in every way
No mortal limitation
Can lure thought and make us stay
Feeling alone
Feeling without
Feeling abandoned
Feeling undone
Feeling we’ve gone nowhere slowly
Or more to the point
Believing our worth is measured by our history

Our story is now and new every moment
And we are able to throw off all beliefs that impose we are partial or broken or a mess

Whether in transition
Or doubting yourself
Wether already where you wanted to be but feeling deep emptiness

No matter where this poem finds you
You are now safe whole complete fulfilled and able to prove this is true

Thought by thought

Thank you for being here.


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Here’s to navigating our now, thought by thought…I’m doing it right with you:) …

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

A spiritual fact that has transformed how I see myself and others:

“Man is the image of Love…he is not physique… He is the compound idea of God including all right ideas. ”

~ Mary Baker Eddy