Thought by thought . . .

Managing and mothering moments, monitoring and choosing focus, intending and embodying Love...

Because Love impels us…and its effect is forgiveness

We cling sometimes to that wall because it gives temporary security…so we expect…so say all “Cut ties…close the door… You’re a fool if you allow them tinker with your heart once more…” So say the masses… Ever so proud in their insisting… Yet all the while self justifying… And completely missing… What happens when grace says “Loosen that grip” And what happens when innocence begs us “Give her/him another chance” And what happens.. Read More

Already loved… Already approved

What messages are you clothing your thought in??? Here I begin to share a hope for all girls and women…and boys and men too… That the intimate messages we choose to adorn our hearts and thought with Can be those of already loved approved complete adored needed vital as Love’s daughters and sons and that this is the message we embody and live… #myheart2yours Tre ~ What a grand treasure Is ours to.. Read More

What do you think when they tell you what to think? (How to heal domestic violence within)

What do you think… When they tell you what to ______ ? What do you think… When they tell you how to ______? What do you think… When they tell you why to _____? What do you think… When they tell you where to ____? What do you think… about taking a pause… allowing yourself no reason … just because… You’re going to turn away from what they think… You’re going to choose.. Read More