a native american

shows a european how to fish

and in that sweet lesson

helped new inhabitants endure a winter

the following autumn

a gathering occurred

the harvest was a plenty

the depth of gratitude

extended far beyond the food

one culture helped another survive

and now families across the land

pause to give thanks and unite

but what touches me deeply about this story

is that the natives even cared at all

something welled up within them

when they saw the suffering ones

something greater than self interest

enabled them hold each hand one by one

and in that moment the possessions of matter (land blindsided culture beliefs)

fell to the import of helping fellow brotherhood

yes it was their land

yes they were newcomers

yes they were different

from language to dress to skin color

but Those natives had this welling within them to help the immigrants’ basic needs

and because they helped them know how tool plant and fish 

we now gather for Thanksgiving and thriving to live

I’m always touched by this story

It raises the bar for me

And hourly truly do I ask

How are you helping humanity’s survival endure lovey one Tre?

I ask this again and again …Yes I truly do.

And see friend here’s the answer:

I’m devoting my life to the practice of the science of mind healing

What’s helped me survive daily and hourly through and through

But I can do better I know I simply must

To share the truths that help me survive hourly

That help me shed the lies of mortality and prove the enduring spiritual substance

So as I’m sitting here well into this Thanksgiving week

I’m praying for the ideas to know and how best to share them.

Seems I’m well overdue

For offering what’s helped me most

to overcome the fear of alone

to face down the “I’m not strong/good/wise/experienced/adequate enough” foe

And I am cooking up a big meal surely

of ideas and ways to impart survival truths

But the singlemost meaningful one of all

is the forever fact of our oneness.

What do I mean by ‘oneness’ you ask?

Well, surely do I mean we are each one with divine Love.

And like a ray that emanates from the sun

From Love we can never be separate (ever.)

So what this means is as you are facing what you must

you are never alone

you never don’t have what you need

in the single moment all is well

And that may sound ludicrous to you

And you may argue with me non stop

But the very thing we each must do when we feel desperate (for whatever… about whatever)

is to face down the foe / lie / onslaught that we are separate.

We are one with Love every single moment

We are the very expression of His/Her intelligence

And this means that in insisting on being love

We outpour with our lives as best as we feel in that moment capable of.

Being love refuses to avoid what we must face

Being love tenderly hugs our heart and says again and again “you can do this”

Being love resists the pulls toward apathy or hardness of heart

Being love utterly and unequivocally demands to not size up the worth of one’s life by external measurements

Being love assesses the moment and where thought is resting

Being love radically turns over the table of giving up all that’s been invested (thought wise)

Being love insists that good is happening no matter what

Being love searches for the silent hidden that Love is a source of constant 24/7 comfort

Being love means you focus on not reacting.

Being love means you turn your ear the other way when the peacocks of gossip, criticism, condemning among others wanna occupy the stage

Being love means you stay alert awake and aware

And honor the unseen victories in thought of overcoming fear

And as each one of us does this and lives this fact of oneness

Our lives are being that friend — a beacon of hope — to one another

And it may not look like fishing

And it’s often in our moments on our own

But each and every second we pour into establishing standing proving and ensuring our oneness

Goodness we are being the native for our global sister and brotherhood

Everywhere I go and every call I receive

someone is desperate somewhere and needs that assurance of Love’s constancy

Even when I have no calls on a single day

Goodness does my  work agenda stay full advocating for each to feel Love’s stay.

If you are feeling desperate in any way or form

If the alone afraid abandoned beliefs are strangling you in your thought home

If you feel yourself avoiding every thing you know you must face or change

I welcome you pondering this spiritual fact

Love is with you every single moment of every single day

You are not alone

You are not abandonned

You are not neglected

And you’ve truly never been

And all that you are needing to do is face down the horrific cloud of lies

That wants you to stay so  weak and small and feeling nothing matters about your precious life

And that onslaught is worse than the coldest winter the pilgrims faced

And that onslaught must be fought against every moment of every day. 

Each of our lives matter so deeply very much

And so friend reading I would like to offer a Thanksgiving healing hug.

If you can’t get through this week without that empty ache

If you’re wanting to understand deeply more about your precious oneness

I welcome you contact me for a healing call

And I will share a bit more about what helps me time and again overcome fear

And for the one that’s wondering “what’s in this for her?”

My heart to yours the joy of sharing what’s helped me time and again endure.

And for the one wondering “yeah but how much will it cost?”

I trust your sense of value and dignity and would invite you to pay whatever you feel the call is worth.

And if these words are all we share on this Monday’s moment of meaning of Thanksgiving week

Take a moment to hug your heart

You are the very essence of Love’s being.

Never alone.

Never abandoned.

Never invisible.

Always held governed guided and maintained in Love’s hands.

Tender love to you.

Here’s to living thought by thought what we most need and what humanity is hungering for: our oneness.

Deepest gratitude to you and for you for being here and for devoting your lives in all the ways of good that you do.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~