Thought by thought . . .

...because every moment we choose to follow fear or trust the still small voice...

Thought by thought… being stage – less

We go through our lives answering to the expectations of should…

About appearance

About our status

About what we share of our lives

About what we expect we must build and be with our manhood and womanhood…

But it can feel exhausting if we haven’t figured out our own why

And it can feel like we keep staging and adding more props to our life…
If you’re tired of the staging and yearn for a deeper awareness of your purpose, I welcome hearing from you and discussing a bit more about my work in helping folks hear and respond to their inner nudge.

You don’t have to feel like a facade when you walk out the door.

You don’t have to keep racing down the road toward

“should do”  or “should be” 


“supposed to do” or “supposed to be” 


My heart to yours,

Tre ~

Profiles of thought…a poem

This poem was outpoured spontaneously from my heart to yours…

I do not pre-think or rehearse or memorize or draft what I intend to share…

I do pray…and get thought still…and hear an idea…and then outpour from my heart to yours…

In this case I thought about profiles… and how much emphasis is being placed on an image of ourselves…of the text and the format of our sites …of the style and design of our apps…

Appearance matters…but appearance is only authentic to the degree the thought behind it is of pure and honest motives.

May all our profiles of thought be shareable.

Thank you for giving a listen.

The text below I typed up after I recorded the video.

Here’s to your thought by thought, my heart to yours…

Tre ~


A profile

A momentary image

A glimpse

A picture

of what in that moment we choose to share

A profile of thought

is the same thing

an image

a glimpse

of whatever we are cherishing

is real

and true

and pure

and right

a profile of thought

can happen in a moment

What could we show

if we took images of our thinking

What could we share

with one another

in how we are perceiving


As I challenge my thought every day

to behold the image of what Love creates

Then I see in myself and another

the good

the pure

the wonder

the substance

But it’s not just a seeing that i’m striving to do

It’s a being and a living

and so I keep on striving to be true

Thought by thought we can all image forth

qualities of Love

that are ours



If you find yourself wrestling in fear

and if you find yourself in a single moment



and if you find yourself in a single moment feeling






In that single moment you can choose to be

Love’s profile….


It takes a moment to shift thought

and ask

“What is Love thinking? For I am the image of all it is being.”

And then in that single moment

we can stop the profile of evil

and in that single moment

we can embrace our true free

Profiles of thought

require us to face it

Facing thought

is the truest privilege.”

My heart to yours…

Am I doing life right? Is this the way to go?…a poem

Am I doing life right?

So begs the question

Is this the way?

Do I step here?



Is this the way?

Or should I step over there?

Or should I turn there…?

…and there again?

Can anyone show me how to do life right?

…how to be God’s child?

…a real woman?

So tug these questions hour by hour…

Yet no hint of this is given outwardly…

Lest we succumb to our deepest fear…

That of another perhaps seeing for a single moment…

That we don’t have a long range plan per se,

but we know how to manage each thought…each moment.

And day after day and month after month

What we find again and again is that by refusing to react to the question

Aggravates it much!

And it asks louder and louder and some days more incessantly…

“Is this the way to all that Life is about….IS THIS THE WAY TOWARD RIGHT LIFE or should I turn around???”


But we learn to respond not…

For no response ever works…

That questioning only is satisfied by the outward surface appearance.

And we are about a much deeper longing — that to live true oneness.

To prove the spiritual fact of our real identity..that of Spirit’s image and likeness.

And this endeavor has no map except consecrated devotion.

And this endeavor has no right or wrong save for total conviction.

And this quest is one that begins and ends with the one Mind.

And this quest defends Mind is steering each moment every single time.


And we learn to shift our focus from “how to be” to

How is Love being?

And we learn to devote there and this halts all appearing and seeming.

For we learn that fear is nothing more than a momentary thought hiccup

A belief we could ever be separated from the One steering each moment…

And we see this and we stand strong…

Til the next doubt occurs

And we temporarily –so it seems – fall down…

Yet all that’s happened ever is thought gets that much stronger

And we stand…




yet again.

And we hug our heart and nod within…

For we have found our forever map and way in Love’s being.

In the being the Mind that knows no limits…

In living that Love that abundantly supplies good to all no lack, no restriction…

In insisting on the presence of good here and now…

In advocating everyone’s ability — in thought — to feel how loved they are.

YES, the quest of right Life is ever continuing…

But these days less of questioning “Is this the way?”

And moreĀ being Love, day by day