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I gave some flowers to a friend

who then texted she thought they looked dead

she threw them away

and for a moment I was hurt

but then I realized

she must be dealing with an awful lot

to launch out at me and be hateful on a text

and I remember putting the phone down

and made a choice to hug my heart

and overcome the total pull to feel hurt or react

I closed my eyes

I took a deep breath

and I defended Divine Love is ever present

because you see

I loved what those flowers had looked like to me

I had thought about purchasing some for myself

but I actually don’t remember when last I did just that

I tend to get excited about giving lovelies to others who may seem to need a smile

and at the time this woman’s pet had just passed and she hadn’t smiled in a long while

and I thought the image of life and color would make her fee joy again

so I made a choice

when I read the text

NOT to take it personally

as a verbal attack

and to get all mad and huff puff

and to feel hurt?

Well sure I was tempted

to feel all of that stuff…

But I seek a deeper state of being…

And on any given day maybe I get it 30% right or so it would seem…

But I seek that


undisturbed and

unmoved state of Love

that loves because it’s just what it must …

It does what Love does

And looking back there’s so much other I could’ve done to bless more…right?

I could’ve planted flowers and let something bloom in the spring to smile upon…(but I don’t have a green thumb) ?

I could’ve written a card which I’m sure I did…

I could’ve done a lot of other things which maybe would’ve had more meaning back then…

Maybe flowers remind her of a boyfriend who left

Maybe flowers for her were always given with surface joy and static

Maybe she loathes flowers and I didn’t know

Whatever the reason the flowers made her sad

I am not nor is my motive…

Friend reading this is true:

Sometimes people lash out at you…

When if they’re moved to that intense anger and yelling it is NEVER you

It’s whatever they never resolved within themselves

But golly it would seem sometimes we go from accusing to the the next accusing

Someone may read this and say block that friend

Someone else may read this and agree giving flowers was insensitive

We each have so many different views and perspectives

But if we try to dig deeper than what’s given we may find commonality and goodness in the motive

So what am I saying on this poem today as we celebrate Martin Luther and all that he lived…

I’m saying that when your motive is to Love and be Love

and what you do or how you are

is not received in fact it’s condemned

try to trust in your sweet little heart

that you acted how you were lead

and don’t let another reaction

harm you for a moment

In fact BE LOVE bigger and beam more brightly instead 🙂

My heart to yours ????

*what I do now whenever I see someone hurting instead of flowers I pray that they’re able to feel comforted somehow

Divine alive is always always at hand and everyone can feel its constancy no matter how empty how apathetic how sad…

If you’re feeling empty or sad or invisible on any level you’re welcome to contact me and I can share more on what helps me fill that.

Loved and adored are we all

no matter what we strive to be each day

Love hugs the real in us all….