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About #thought tips

Hello friend.

Thank you for clicking on the link from Twitter or facebook.

Or if you’ve arrived here from some other channel, hello and welcome.

In my daily life practice of spirituality a deep goal of mine is to so live oneness that nothing intimidates, threatens, or provokes me to stay stuck in fear.

And another goal is to support anyone seeking to live spiritually and to prove fear free.

One of the ways I offer that support is by sharing #thought_tips on twitter and on facebook and instagram.

These thought tips are the how I edit my thinking…how I pause, seek stillness, assess my intake at that moment to see whatever is trying to govern or dominate my thinking, whatever is trying to influence me be it someone else’s opinion or beliefs, and get back to my sense of what divine Love is knowing about me and everyone at that moment.

That is a hugely general way of saying what I do in my thinking and for a more thorough explanation you’re welcome to share a conversation with me.

But for now the video below will expand upon what I mean.

Originally recorded more than a year ago, it still states everything I could hope to for the purpose of this page.

Thank you for reading, for viewing and for caring to listen.

Here’s to your thought by thought being fear free, and feeling so very loved.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~