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Hello friend.

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In my daily life practice of spirituality, a deep desire of mine is to so live my oneness with divine Love, that nothing intimidates, threatens, or provokes me to stay stuck in fear.

And another goal is to be a resource of support for anyone seeking to live spiritually and to prove fear free.

One of the ways I offer that support online (so that a reader can become familiarize herself or himself with me and build trust of my authenticity ) is by sharing #thought_tips on twitter and on facebook and instagram.

These thought tips are the how I edit my thinking

What do I mean by edit my thinking?

At any moment we need to see what we are thinking to discern if it’s truly what we wish to be dwelling on.

So I often dental times an hour go into my thinking like it’s a room and I assess all the message that are there in that room.

As I pause and see whatever I am currently thinking about–I then discern the message I’m being made to believe, and I literally weigh it mentally and ask: is this true?

Is this what I really believe?

Or is this something someone else wants me to believe?

As I assess my intake at that moment, I can then see whatever is trying to govern or dominate my thinking.

I can read whatever is trying to influence me, be it someone else’s opinion or beliefs.

And if it is what someone else believes and not what I do, I can redirect my thoughts to get back on track to focusing on what my sense of what divine Love is knowing about me and everyone at that moment.

That is a hugely general way of saying how I edit my thoughts.But this pause and assessing intake and shifting my perspective when I need to has made a huge difference in my life and has helped me learn how to actualize and prove spirituality and not just think about it.For a more thorough explanation of this edit thoughts process, you’re welcome to share a conversation with me.But for now the video below will expand upon what I mean.

Originally recorded more than a year ago, it still states everything I could hope to for the purpose of this page.

Thank you for reading, for viewing and for caring to listen.

Here’s to your thought by thought being fear free, and feeling so very loved.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~