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Womanhood Wednesday

Hello friend,

Thank you for being here.

For the past few years, on Wednesdays,

I have shared a written or filmed poem spontaneously via Facebook and Instagram.

Womanhood to me is the worth wholeness and completeness spiritually that is ours now and able to be exuded every moment.

We lack nothing–no ability, no intellect, no strength, no insight, no ounce of love to be able to meet and master the opportunities and challenges we must.

Whether we seek help or not, we have within us the ability to live completeness.

Here is a sample of that message.

If you wish to share a call or meeting to address healing feelings of lack and inability, or if you have a desire to heal self sabotaging tendencies that result from your sense of lack or insignificance, I welcome hearing from you, explaining how I work, and exploring working together.

Thank you for being here and listening.