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Seeking spiritual support?

Hello friend…

Thank you for clicking this tab and visiting this page to learn more about working with me.

For as long as I can remember I have sought two things:

  1. how to exemplify what it means to be the image and likeness of divine Love.
  2. how to help anyone do so as well.

A broader explanation of why those two goals have steered my footsteps would be a dream to pen.

But for the purpose of this blog, those goals found me seeking training as a metaphysician–someone who agrees to offer support through prayer for anyone seeking spiritual healing.

And for a number of years I have devoted myself to that work.

And this blog is an attempt to share as much as I am able about

how I think

how I strive to be the image and likeness of Love

so that if you are seeking to live more spiritually and/or especially if you are wanting to be free from:

  • feeling alone
  • feeling without a purpose
  • feeling a failure
  • or feeling like you have no reason for being

The video below is a little bit of a glimpse of my thoughts so that you can do two things :

1.  Get a sense of  my voice and tone


2. Get a sense for what working together looks like.

Keep in mind the issue you’re struggling with may not have anything to do with this topic of being dissatisfied with your life… I simply offer this video to show you how I would speak with you.


Working together can be thought of as two people turning their back to the mortal limited human view of life and facing fully the spiritual whole complete view of life now this moment.

I will help you gain a more thorough understanding of your life now as an expression of divine love… As the image and likeness of this one being…

I will help you understand why this moment now you are the image and likeness of this divine love… And what that means for your life for your situation for your now.

I will help you see that this journey is all about the thought by thought commitment to refusing to be duped by the mortal human limited view of your life and to insist upon and strive to demonstrate each moment the unlimited on interrupted undeterred freedom that comes from understanding your spirituality now .

It doesn’t get any more practical than moment by moment thought by thought translating the human mortal limited picture to the spiritual unlimited view of now: whole, complete,  fully supplied, capable of whatever it is that we each need to do,  and so very adored and loved.

I welcome a call  with you so we can talk about whatever is on your mind:

six one seven- seven eight four six four two six.

You may also use that number for a texted exchange.

If you prefer email:

tre at thought by thought dot net

If you prefer Facebook messenger: you may message me on facebook : facebook.com/thoughtbythought

Suggested rates:

Listening session phone call: $10.00 for 10-15 mins call

Monthly phone call package: If  after speaking with me you would like to share a call once or twice a week I offer a monthly package of $40.00 (In all likelihood each call will last longer than 10 minutes. I welcome hearing as much as you wish to outpour and share, will not rush you to finish, and will also not end the call abruptly. 10 mins is simply a guideline but you may have all the time you will need up to 40 mins. I emphasize this because sometimes the whatever is troubling us wants to take center stage and be our only focus. Keeping that going on to a minimum helps thought to focus on whatever may be the spiritual truth I share with you).

Email exchange: $5.00 /email

Monthly email package: If after sharing a few emails you would like to email at least 1-2x a week, I offer  monthly email package for $30.00/month.

Texted exchange: $3.00 / text

Monthly texting package: If after sharing via text you desire anytime texting support I offer that for a suggested rate of $20.00/month.

Facebook messenger: same suggested rates as texting package.

In person meeting: if you are in the New England/ northern east coast area including the states of NY and PA area and wish to meet in person: the rate is the same as an in person visit plus the cost of travel (gas + my time $30/hour for driving).

Appointments in person or via the phone can be scheduled by emailing me or you can just call and try to reach me.

Be sure to leave a voicemail that tells me how to reach you back and what time is good for you.

Payments can be paid in advance or after the connecting via the PayPal button on this blog (side bar to the right if you’re using a computer and down below if you’re reading from a mobile device).

You are always welcome to pay whatever the exchange is worth to you, if less than the suggested amount or if more than the suggested amount.

Thank you for thinking about working together and I so look forward to hearing from you.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~