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What I do

Hello and thank you for being here.

I am so grateful you have chosen to invest some moments in learning what I do and to consider whether you would like to work with me.

In the above video I touch upon



a feeling of stability and security…

a sense of purpose and belonging…

a more complete expression of womanhood and identity…

a radical conviction in the proveability of man’s oneness with God and the immediacy of health harmony and satisfaction this ensures….

These are the very things that I’ve gained in my study and practice of the Science of Mind healing.*

And the desire to share my experiences of healing and be a resource for anyone seeking a sense of completeness worth meaning and belonging continue to be what impel me provide this online presence.

For here it is my hope you will find online haven…a space that inspires you to get thought still from the surrounds of the barrage of marketing messages vying for our attention online…

It’s also my hope you will find inspiration in my writings and poetry…

And it’s also a desire of mine that this site provides a window on how I think… and how I work as a metaphysician in case you are seeking:

relief from constant fear,

freedom feeling alone or insignificant,

a release fromthe constant struggle of not feeling a sense of purpose or belonging,

a release from feeling inadequate in any measure

a confidence that it is possible to have meaningful and lasting relationships,

and a deeper sense of how to care for and nurture your thought.

What I mean by “Work with me

”Work” means a lot of different things for each one of us.

The work I do is in thought in my day to day interactions with people and patients.

The apostle Paul invites us ”Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

I love that invitation and it is what I try to devote each moment to.

In that arena of thought, I strive to hear and know what the divine Mind is thinking.

Now you may wonder “how is it possible to know what God is thinking?”

Great question. 

For a fuller explanation of how I came to pursue this life goal, see my background page. 

For the purpose of now, much of my adulthood, I have studied and practiced the works of Mary Baker Eddy, a woman who discovered what she believed was how Jesus healed.

In my training to become a metaphysician, I learned that God is the divine Mind—the all knowing, all seeing, all wise intelligence and that the true identity of man is that man is the very instance or manifestation of what God is thinking.

You and are are what God is thinking!

Isn’t that cool?

At any given moment you and I are the expressions—the manifestations—of what that divine Mind is knowing—the image and likeness of this Mind.

Mary Baker Eddy writes of man:

”Man is idea. He is not physique. He is the compound idea of God including all right ideas.” (Science and Health, page 475).

So at any given moment, I am editing my intake of what is in my thinking and I am striving to replace thoughts with what the divine Mind is knowing about me.

You may ask why?

Well, all of us are constantly thinking.

And a lot of what we are thinking is our view of our right now and what we believe is true.

But also, a lot of what we think are suggestions that come to us…sometimes out of nowhere and sometimes from other people.

I take all that I am thinking and edit it.

For what purpose you may be wondering?

Well, I seek the view of Spirit–that which is what the divine Mind or God sees and knows.

You could say I devote myself full time to spiritual reasoning where I am constantly editing the suggestions of sense (what we see hear taste smell and feel) and seeking:

What is Spirit, God knowing and doing …right now…about this situation?

What is divine Love knowing and doing right now about this instance?

I call it ‘editing my thinking’ for I roll up the thought sleeves and grab hold of the mortal view of something and correct that view with the view of the spiritual.

Okay, well, you may be really confused at this point and ask why…like why do you spend so much time editing thought?

Well, what I’ve learned is often what the mortal senses tell us to think is often full of beliefs that can impact our joy and calm, cause us to feel anxious or nervous, or cause us to feel sick.

Often the mortal view of something is a belief that there is a problem, that something is lacking or missing, that something is wrong.

And that view, if not edited, has a way of convincing us and we believe it.

So the need to edit thought is to get Spirit’s view.

And when you have that view, your thought shifts from feeling depressed or lost or insignificant to a sense of meaning and belonging….and when thought shifts there is healing.


Okay now you may be either really lost or really wanting something tangible to hear. 

So lemme give it in a simpler way:

Pretend you are driving…and as you gaze through your windshield, you can’t see the road in front of you too clearly because your windshield is dirty.

The muck on the windshield interferes with your ability to see the clear blue sky overhead or the foliage on either side of the road, or the road itself.

If you love looking out of your windshield as much as I do, then you want a clear view and you will clean your windshield as soon as possible.

So there’s a bit of an urgency to cleaning the windshield.

And once you do this, the view you see is clear of the streets you’re driving and of the scenery you pass.

In much the same way, a metaphysician conscientiously clears off the muck of thought–the stuff that clouds our spiritual view of the divine order of all things.

In that thought lab, I am working to replace the beliefs of what the material view of life is trying to convince me of  with the spiritual facts what the Spirit is knowing.

And this editing of thought is like cleaning your car’s windshield.

It provides a clearer view–the view of life that is harmonious and not a chaotic mess full of problems.

Now you may be thinking  ‘Well who are you to think you can know Spirit’s view?’ or ‘How can you be sure?’

Great question and infact that is another part of the work that I do.

As much as I am a metaphysician offering my services to you the public, so too am I a forever student, increasing my knowledge of that Spirit view.

In other words, I am constantly learning and studying and practicing the ideas so that I can grow my understanding.

Does that make sense?

It’s like a painter who takes a painting class while he or she is still making wonderful oil paintings.

Or any other profession where the person strives to keep up with the latest techniques and developments and thus takes professional development training.

So I am both a student and a practitioner of metaphysics.

Regardless if someone calls for help and support, I am constantly working in the lab of thought, editing my intake, and reframing what seems to be true to gain the spiritual fact, what Spirit sees and knows to be true.

Okay, now, if you are still with me, you may be wondering…

How does any of this relate to me?


What if I was just seeking a little bit of healing, do I have to get all enmeshed in studying this metaphysics stuff?

I share the above because if you choose to work with me, you are

a. resolving to also learn how to refute what seems true to you about your problem,

b. deciding to edit your thinking to aim to see a different perspective.

c. and you are committing to work in thought to gain that view that Spirit has for you: one of order and harmony where chaos and confusion may seem so real, one of health and wellness where perhaps you are feeling ill and ailing, and one of completeness and love where you may be experiencing utter emptiness loneliness or believing you lack significance purpose or validity.

Working with me means that we commit together to refute the testimony of the material senses and gain the view of the situation from a spiritual perspective.

“Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy

How does it work?

When I engage in a conversation with you, whether it is on a phone call, texted or emailed exchange, or in person, I am doing two things at any given moment:

First, I listen to you with undivided attention.

While doing so, I’m reading your thought.

I do this to gauge a few things:

By what you share with me I can discern

  • what you believe in
  • what you believe holds power
  • where your sense of faith is
  • and what to you is the issue at hand.

By giving you my unconditional focus and attention, I glean a sense of what are your beliefs and convictions.

And that becomes the ‘content’ that I take in and sort through what I will begin to help you edit…always seeking that spiritual view.


2. The second thing I do while we interact as I am listening to you:

I advocate in my thinking what divine intelligence is knowing and doing at that very moment, based on my present understanding of it.

And I defend in my thinking how that intelligence is viewing you and your situation.

Now that may seem difficult to understand.

So I offer another metaphor:

Just as it is difficult to see the bright sky and the sunshine when it’s raining and we are covered by storm clouds, so too am I seeking that view of you that is held by divine Love.

Even when clouds and rain feel so all encompassing amidst a storm, the sun is radiating and the bright sky is consistently illumined.

Metaphorically, this is true for us spiritually.

No matter the immediate hardship or struggle that we may be feeling anxious about…

No matter the physical financial emotional or any other crisis we are facing,

No matter how severe your belief about your plight is–whether you see yourself homeless, addicted, unloveable, unemployed, ousted, unwanted, etc etc etc, no matter how grave your situation is to you, it is with all due respect a perspective….and it is not your truth nor is it how Spirit sees you.

I help you edit that view and gain what Spirit sees.

Our identity — our spirituality — remains intact and upheld, whole and complete, assured by Spirit.

So that is the view of you that I fill my thoughts up with while you are talking when we are in person or while I read what you’ve emailed.

In a very real way, that spiritual reasoning and thinking, or prayer, is a kind of advocacy.

It’s like filtering my intake with the lens of Spirit.

And that prayer heals.

As your thought shifts about your now and as you gain the view of Spirit, your sense of problem shifts

and when thought changes and insights and inspiration are gained, healing happens.


Okay….so if you are still reading, you may be asking

How does this all work? What next step can I take?

If you have read thus far, I welcome you to email me at 


Thank you for reading more about what I do. 

Mid you would like to consider working with me I welcome you review my services offered page. 

*The complete text of the Science of Mind healing or metaphysics can be found in the work Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy.