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How I overcame the ache when she sneered “you’ve gained weight!”…

The following video is a spontaneous open hearted sharing of how I dealt with the pulls toward shock, hurt, and fear after receiving someone’s harsh criticism…

I share in hopes you the reader will feel supported as you navigate your thoughts and seek likewise to overcome the hurt of a criticism whether recently spoken to you or lingering as echoes from your past.

It’s a forever goal—thought by thought— to wed my thought with the divine Mind—> Love itself…for as I do I am able to embody to me the true essence of womanhood as love light strength honesty integrity courage tenderness unselved love patience unswerving focus deliberateness decisiveness and countless others… the substance of qualities not body.

During this season especially, it is a personal goal to overcome all forms of evil, no matter if they show up unsolicited in my own thinking or projected outward by another …

May everyone everywhere feel the joy and peace that come from overcoming evil in any form with the understanding of what God is doing and being as divine Love.

My heart with yours, Tre ~


Perhaps it’s no shocker that thoughts are lured pulled to judge…criticize…compare…condemn…

We don’t have to allow our thoughts to be used… and by that I mean we do not have to give one second of our attention to tolerating unkind thoughts of ourselves or anyone…

Yet we all do… we all have experienced devastating self criticism which for many leads to self harm and we all have experienced painful criticism from others which if not dealt with can lead to bitter barren empty lives or worse still.

It’s hard work in thought to directly address beliefs that tend toward evil… but as I’ve learned to do and have strived to over several decades, I’ve been able to prove even to a tiny degree the truth that a favorite author Mary Baker Eddy pens:“Mankind must learn that evil is not power. It’s so called despotism is but a phase of nothingness.

With the constant exposure to judgement and criticism that sharing ourselves online tends to expose us to, or criticism from those in our immediate realm, we are all often recipients of unsolicited opinions that can silence us for a time.

Yet even in our daily walk…the echo of sneering judgments and harsh criticisms has a way of lingering and perpetuating hurt if we don’t directly address the thoughts…in our thinking. And then in the midst of that very moment of reliving what was said, we must deal with our thinking lest we be pulled to react.

This is not easy and sometimes the echo of someone’s criticism can— if we don’t deal with it— redirect our entire focus, consume our otherwise productive attention, and perhaps derail our otherwise forward progressive growth as we dwell on the sting of their words for the entire day or worse weeks or even years.

It’s a hope of mine that in sharing how I deal with criticism and judgments in my thinking that the reader finds a resolution that can hault the pulls to react as anger or bitterness of broken heartedness or even to harden our hearts and become bitter or act out I. derogatory or harmful behaviors.

It’s a hope that anyone who is a parent can embrace the precious privilege of helping their child or teen or young adult learn how to manage their thinking so that if wrongly accused or condemned or bullied,

He child or teen or young adult can be proactive i his irk her thinking and deal with the thoughts instead of reacting and retaliating at the so called perpetrator.

Some of the worst experiences of hatred happened toward me as a child and yet even now when the most recent situation occurred I felt like the 8 -12 year old on the play ground at elementary school or in the hallways at middle school… and I remembered how I dealt with the criticism then and why I am so grateful I learned how to.

Our lives exude our thinking… and I prefer to hold onto that steady light of love then to react in anger or hatred or resentment.

We can each learn how to hault the reacting and instead be exuding light and love.

We can each learn that the harsh criticism someone fired our way is not their true me and is not really about us.

We can learn how to put down the sting and power of the so called evil so that we do not react either toward that person or toward ourselves.

This matters so much because sometimes people build their whole lives around maintaining walls toward their heart so as to prevent further criticism. But we are not meant to hide or become cold and bitter.

We are meant to shine brightly and love more …


Ever since a young girl whether actually chubby or very thin…

I’ve had horrific comments yelled or thought of me and have endured constant criticism for how I appear.

So when this recent occurrence happened in the garage of where I rent, while I’ve done much thought work to overcome hatred, this particular instance caught me so off guard … for a few moments…

Yet when she yelled “you’ve gained weight” I and was glaring at me in hatred, I felt so harshly that deep desperate ache and was to be honest somewhat afraid

  1. First I was stunned by her verbal attack as I had just smiled her way and said hello nice to see you it’s been a while in fact… I was genuine and beaming within from a morning if meditating and work and the lure to react to her comment in shock for those first few moments made my heart hurt
  2. I became for a little while so concerned what she said was true? Had I gained weight? Had I let go my attention to my appearance weigh all else I’ve been dealing with (gladly) this year too?
  3. I was pulled for a second to second guess why I had engaged with her… this was not the first time her words cut deep and she lobbed criticism my way and I’ve dealt with the sting from her words.

In this spontaneous poem sharing I aim to show how I addressed all of these thought pulls via prayer.

If you are dealing with deep criticism too

And the echoe of someone’s words just don’t leave you
And if you would like to know more of how I dress my thoughts in spiritual armor and how I have to go there to deal with the ache of any criticism which leads to overcoming the ache, I welcome hearing from you:


Please dear reader viewer friend here …

if someone has criticized you no matter how severe

you are able to feel the forever embrace of divine Love

and you are able to heal the shock horror sting and echoe of their words

and even eventually forgive yourself for reacting …

and even forgive them.

My heart with yours…

Tre ~