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Work with me/Sample a session

Hello and welcome…

If this is the first glimpse of my site you’ve clicked, thank you for sharing a few moments.

I’m Tresha Thorsen, but please call me Tre (tree) a practitioner of metaphysical healing.

Why this video: I created this video as a way for you to sample an experience of working with me.

Visuals and sounds have a way of hushing our fear of the unknown and help us silence any concerns we may be asking.

I adore video for this reason:  you really can get a feel of what someone is thinking as well as what they look like or where the setting is.

So in that scope, as you watch, you will get a very clear sense of what it may look or feel like to share some initial moments together as you consider working with me.

Where is this?

The video is set in my home office where I would offer to meet with you if you and I meet in person.

And it is where I will be sitting should we speak by phone or share a video session.

Why are you talking poetically?

When I record, I tend to do so spontaneously from my heart after I pray and feel inspired to share.

I don’t plan the poems… the words tend to flow thought by thought.

That they rhyme is part of an art I suppose and partly just how thoughts seem to flow from me.

Why are you speaking about yourself if this is supposed to be a sample office session?

Well, think about it:

What would you talk about if you’re seeking resolution of some kind of challenge or struggle?

I wanted to open up a bit so you can relate to the reality: just like you I’m a thinker
Just like you I’m navigating now
And just like you I’m striving to live life fulfilled.

And I’m sharing what helps me directly navigate now and live fulfilled: practical spirituality…

If I call what will expect from me?

This one is important and helps me sift those committed to healing versus the window shoppers of who’s doing what on the web.

For while I adore humanity and would love to meet the world, this work I do is specifically focused on those seeking healing.

If you phone or contact me, be prepared to make these commitments:

  • approach our conversation professionally.
  • value our moments speaking.
  • open thought to the possibility of healing for you.

Is there a fee for simply an initial introductory consultation? In other words do I have to pay you?

Yes. There is a suggested fee for an introductory consultation.

How much does it cost?

My suggested rate for an introductory consultation is $30.00 for up to 30 minutes payable via cash, Venmo, PayPal.

($1.00 a minute, a suggested rate).

For the second and third and ongoing sessions, I work from a “pay what you think it’s worth” basis, $1.00/minute is a suggested rate.

If you wish to book a 1 to 1, email me at tre@thoughtbythought.net.


2. The second offer is healing treatment. By this, we do not have to meet or speak in person. Healing treatment is where I pray with you as a spiritual defense attorney if you will. I listen for what Divine Love, God, knows about your now. And I rally in thought and advocate for why that is your truth and not the current scenario that is troubling you.

Healing treatment is offered at a pay what you think it’s worth basis as well, with a suggested rate of $45 per Treatment.

I do accept insurance, ask your provider if they allow for alternative healing methods.

What I do not state in the video but which is good for you to know:

My practice is based completely on the ideas I’ve learned and lived and been professionally trained to use as a metaphysician.

The resources I share with each patient and are a vital part of our work together:

a. general knowledge of your spirituality: I will help you build or expand your right now sense of what Divine Love is and what Divine Love does…and help you establish a working understanding of your relationship with that Love.

b. fine tuning of your awareness of your ability to manage your thinking: we roll up our sleeves and get into that thought closet of ours. I will give you a sense of how to sort and sift your thoughts and discern the ideas and messages to listen to — those from Divine Love coming to us 24/7, and those to pitch that have no part of you (thoughts of fear, second guessing, anxiety of any kind, ache of any kind, fear of all kinds).

c. the book: Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, a complete statement of practical spirituality. (Healing does not require or depend on you reading this book but it is a phenomenal resource for your study and striving to live your spirituality now. And I make sure each individual I am working with knows of it and has a copy of it).


This sample session will give you a good sense of what to expect about:

a. my tone — how I would speak with you. (I may sound a tad more assertive in this video because I’m that convinced of that which I speak).

b. my substance — you’ll hear a good sense of how I think and why.

c. my background…I use a bit of my biography as if I am the patient I am speaking with.

In order to protect the privacy of the patients I do work with, it is not possible to video and share a sample of a session with someone, though I’ve been encouraged to.

The nature of any session I have with someone is completely private, as is the what I share with that individual.

But at least from this sample video you will hear what I sound like, see what I look like, and feel out if working together feels like it may be a good fit for you.

Thank you for considering working with me.

Here’s to you feeling fear free, thought by thought.

Tre ~