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a is for … allowed…

Ever longing for permission

The green light to go ahead

And build out and sculpt our vision

As we feel inspired and led

Yet the ever shift to neutral

The gear that makes us pause

For we gaze around and look for the map

Of those who’ve gone before

And maybe our steps seem different now

And yet the motive same

Can we ever feel allowed

To forge ahead this day

What if it’s not a veering off

Or venturing into unknown

What if it’s exactly all we need to be

To prove how Love says go

Since oneness is the law

Of Life and it’s idea

Then we are never ever separate from

The inklings we must be

May we all then pause less

And lean to brave the nudge

For in doing so we just may find

Ever allowed to (be) love …

My heart with yours xoxoxo