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And one day, she…

And one day she prayed and heard within

“Lovey one you’ve been ready always …just begin at once…yes now…begin!”

And she wasn’t quite sure all this angel message implied

But she was sure from life experiences

These inner nudges never lie…

And so with that she decided to use

Her courage and conviction

and hault the suggestions of doubt and second guessing and refused to feel confused.

For she had come to see again and again

The pull to wait til she’s ready only caused more fear and lures to fret….

And the wait to see if a better way came along

Made her withhold the good even longer and she wanted to sing her song….

And she had learned over several decades that “”I dunno” and “lemme wait and see” always put on brakes for full on genuine being.

So she rolled up her thought sleeves and dove fully in

Not a moment too late

For every moment each of can live out our true innocence

and spiritual being

(which always feels like we begin again)…?


Hello new reader and visitor …welcome.

Do you know these patterns of thinking as well as I do?

“Hmm I dunno”

“Lemme wait and see”

“Well how can I be sure”

“Is this the way”

“What if I’m wrong?”

“Am I allowed”

“How can I know this isn’t a mistake?”

“What if this is a mistake?”

“What if I fail?”

“Wasn’t I supposed to do it that way?”

“How will I prevail?”

If you have heard those questions a time or two, like me you know they can hault your being and doing good so much so that it feels we are hardly living at all….more like just go through each day and week kinda sorta in constant questioning and not certain if we are even existing.

Well over the years of striving to live spirituality and devoting to being a metaphysician, I’ve learned that these questions cause us to live restricted, imprisoned by fear and doubt and second guessing so much so we aren’t really living at all.

And as I’ve learned :

a. to distinguish that these hesitancies are more the mortal way of thinking and …

b. to discern that this type of thinking is not my natural inclining (nor is it yours)…

I’ve been able to fight back against these mental wanna-be sabotagers using spiritual armor if you will and put them at bay.

And each time I do, the result is healing and finding my wings again… for that hour or day. ?

If you’re interested in exploring practical spirituality and/or you simply wish to connect further with me and learn more about how I work and how we could work together, I welcome hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting this page and leaving a comment below of you are so inclined.

Here’s to your thought by thought living oneness!

Tre ~

*The work that I do is based on the ideas of Mary Baker Eddy in her primary work about practical spirituality and wellness: Science and Health