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Facing thought: Overcoming fear, isolation, alone

No matter where you are,

whether you’ve just awoken

or are driving around in your car,

When the onslaught of fear attacks thought

You do not have to feel helpless

You do not have to panic

You are not stuck

You are NOT!

There is an ever presence of Love at hand.

And we each dwell in ITS atmosphere

And we each can feel able to confront fear

We can we can.

Whenever and however it occurs for you

There is a way to escape the stronghold of gripping fear

And you can do it you can you can.

What is demands is an absolute faith

in a ever present every where intelligence of good

That is causing and governing each and every moment.

This presence I’ve come to know my whole life as that of Love

And it is accessible at every moment

You are never ever separate from.

So no matter where you are, no matter when it comes,

If you’re feeling all alone and deeply afraid

You can access — in thought — divine Love.

In the second of feeling done and losing it,

You can like I mention in the video, see that feeling as a mental thief.

I’ll share with you some words of spiritual advocacy as a glimpse of how I pray,

And should you wish to connect more and speak about this further, I welcome you contact me.

It’s not so important the words you say as the conviction behind it that brings calm for you:

Right now Love is All — power, presence, intelligence.

Right now, Love is filling all space and governing and protecting all.

Right now everyone is being held.

Right now I am being cradled.

Right now the Being that is Love is emanating me and all….

I can feel this like an impetus to my every thought.

I can know this is what is the true nature impelling all.

And I can feel safe from any threat of harm

From anyone….anywhere…because I can refuse all evil tendencies in my thought.

And this is true for everyone.



This is just one spontaneously shared outpouring….

You will hear what you need to hear…

And if you wish to speak further, I welcome hearing from you…

We are all so safe….cradled….held….loved.

My heart with yours,

Tre ~

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