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Amidst a conversation, an opinion is tossed.

Unsolicited yet thrown we must choose: catch it….or not?

Just because it’s yelled, never means we have to hear

Murmurs in the background or directed at us can not invoke pain or fear

So long as we stay armored up in thought

With the strongest of commitment to refusing all that Truth is not.

A set of letters spoken a certain way

Must we allow anyone’s tone or assumed meaning rob our peace that hour or day?

Or months?

Or years?

and on and on?

I choose instead to on that rock stand upon.

And it’s on that rock I know I”m seen in Love’s view:



Unable to by hatred be moved.

May this Halloween with all it’s ghoblins and witches and ghosts

Be a metaphor for you about anyone’s tonations and thoughts…

For if words and tones are guised in evil of any kind:

Whether anger, resentment, jealousy, animosity or the like

May we all keep seeing that costume unable to mask

The speaker or thinker of those thoughts, for there is a innocent child of Love seeming for moments to be imprisonned by the apparent stronghold of the belief of evil and its grasp…

But attitude is temporal

And can be made to shift

What remains forever constant is the source of all Life and Being…that of SPIRIT.

My heart with yours, Tre


The above poem I offer as an intro to a video I recorded spontaneously one night recently.

On that occasion, someone had criticized me in a way that startled me at first til I unpacked it mentally some more.

No matter how harsh, brutal, or intense someone’s tone,

no matter the echo and the hurt it feels for so long,

we can learn how to silence the echo and with it the ongoing seeming meaning…

For no hatred in any form lobbed your way is ever true….not for a single moment.

And further ? Beyond healing the memory or it’s meaning, we can address our thought about the speaker…

Yes we can choose to diss them or silence them or banish them from our lives…

Yes we can choose to rant about them and have them become “the enemy “ in our words online, whether we know the speaker or not…

But when ever has an “eye for an eye” led to healing?

Mentally, emotionally,physically, spiritually, in all ways I choose something greater than what Hammurabi’s code gave me and you *.

I choose what Mary Baker Eddy defined as divine Love … and how she explains to handle belief of evil—> in our thoughts.**

“Evil is nothing, no thing, mind, nor power. As manifested by mankind it stands for a lie, nothing claiming to be something.— for just, dishonesty, selfishness, envy, hypocrisy, slander, hate, theft, adulterous, nursery, dementia, insanity, devil, hell, with all the etceteras that word includes.” (Science and Health pg 330: 27).

And by knowing this so deeply and striving to shift our view, we can see —and love —the speaker or “other” as one of God’s children… too …

And as we strive for that real perception of the other … not only do we heal our hurt but uplift the thought of the belief in evil and it’s power.

As I’ve done this I’ve found deep healing.

And so can you.

Here’s the video…



If you have been criticized out of violent opinions of hatred, whether recently or years ago, and the echo of those words have lingered, I know that feeling so very well.

And even if it feels like you’re constantly trying to run from its memory, there’s a different way to feel free of its stronghold and sting.

Wanna talk through it some and hear what’s worked for me? Please feel welcome to reach out and connect:


Or comment below.

Thank you for giving me moments of your attention.

At you too a ish every memory of another’s criticism …

And may you choose to see not us vs them… but humanity striving to emanate good by Love’s hand.

Tre ~

“Innocence and truth overcome guilt and error…Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”**