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A gentle beam of living love…*

I wrote the below spontaneously while I was processing some news… of a treasured friend from elementary and middle and high school using his wings to journey onward…mixxed in are a lot of reflections… I share this for simply sharing… May no one feel EVER any ache of loss….for we are ONE IN SPIRIT and we ALL always journey on…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When the words don’t come…I poem

When the courage doesn’t come…I poem

When the brave seems far away… I poem

When the ache just wont go away… I poem

When the void lingers… I poem

When the inklings whisper, to anchor them… I poem

I know they’re beckoning me… come play

Be like the fairies and fly away

And kiss the dew drops

and embrace the dawn

And in the wee hours amidst stillness and calm

so it seems

nothing is ever wrong

A full moon glows above

A promise of Oneness echoes around

A quiet stillness balms this now

So it seems the babes of all creatures are resting everywhere

Except I know that many hearts ache

And many homes feel empty still day after day

And many mourn the loss of their beloved loved one or sailor

Those bravehearts who sang farewell before the submarine sailed them off along Indonesian channels…
And many more fret over when will all be normal again….
Still an inkling occurs so loud for me

I do not seek to return to a normal

For normal will I never be
I seek to Love more…

and be the glow

That the full moon radiates

Even when so shines the sun

I do not wish a single friend ache EVER in a sense of aloneness

and I learn too late to say I love you again in person.
Bless us all…each precious one….oh we are all working through our own sacred individual salvation…
May no one I have ever loved or spent any waking moments with ever feel slighted if I go silent for a season….not in the littlest bit
For me to glow as I mustI must go deep and for me that means in sacred silence….
I have to grow so it gets easier perhaps

To sift the noise..the opinions. The ache …the shock over so much that still happens…
But there in the depths far deeper than an ocean floor

Is not a broken submarine

But a promise of evermore……


Never was mandated to cease

Never will end….ever…..no matter its expression here

That LIFE ITSELF holds us all in her grasp

And cradles and rocks us….

forever and always at last…

Wherever this finds you….oh loving one….
We share a bond of humanity and that means family to me and it is never undone….
Wherever you are led may you walk with strength and grace….
May you be the smile that you receive and beam brighter in all of your days…..
May you not become trite or petty or small like media wants
To dominate our focus with whatever’s the latest agenda of fear and façade
May you know that there are kindreds you may never ever hear from…..Who seek too to know more fully that which is true substance
May any ache of empty reach out and receive

That embrace of heaven’s here and now forever comfort of I love you precious thee.
Please go slower

Please swipe less

Please listen within…

Love on and let go all regret…
We haven’t missed anything…
Please be kinder

Please be more genuine still

Please seek the pace of doing Thy will. And know as you love it reaches beyond borders and IS what it means to LIVE.
Tender love……
Me ~Tre with 1 e xoxoxoxoxo .

*The title phrase is a line from a fave poem penned by a fave author, Mary Baker Eddy. The full stanza is “Thou gentle beam of living love and deathless life Truth infinite–so far above all mortal strife.” And is from her poem “Blest Christmas morn.”

**If you have ever dwelled on the validity of your significance and struggle with feeling invisible like you don’t matter, I so get it and welcome you to be in touch and share in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. I will listen…I can’t always know what you’ve experienced as I haven’t ever been in your shoes…but I’ve had a unique walk, I get the depths of the abyss of alone and all the mental seeming opponents that like to hang out in thought. Yet if you are not ever in touch for a listening session, do know that the depths of empty and every thought they blare are not our real selfhood and can be thwarted and fought down…in our thinking. I’d be happy to share further what helps me / helped me do just that…and it’s daily work…and tender precious being work. Thank you for being here and reading and may you know you are never ever alone. xo

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