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“I don’t have words for …” “It’s too hard to talk about” …so have been former excuses… if I’m honest.

(Something can silently silence us when we become accustomed to people thinking our ideas will never happen or are ridiculous).

Over the years I’ve done much healing to know that the ideas that keep coming are the ones worth pursuing.

Yet during stay at home because a fabric was required over my mouth, I hit a new level of feeling silenced that I haven’t been able to talk or poem about…

See even though I am quiet I have ideas non stop and in my work as a metaphysician I edit those thoughts …to get Love’s view of reality in this now moment.

Wherever I go because I’m seeking to see the good I have always tried to anyone I pass by say hello… and more like how are you.

I strive to find something to compliment and it helps me overcome fear and let’s me engage with humanity and not alone feel.

Now with this fabric covering my mouth not only did I feel silenced but unable to make connections.

True— this is surface and self absorbed thinking because true connection is always our Oneness to Spirit.

But we often have to hit a deep abyss of low to rally… and I am rallying.

Moments ago something happened—which is difficult to pen yet I come here to poem.

A large man is shoveling the sidewalk and he looked freezing and soaking wet as I went to let my dog.out and with Dunkin near, I bought a hot coffee and I came over to him, pulled my mask down a bit and said thank you for shoveling …

With that he used sign language to sign back “thank you” and mouthed “thank you” and his eyes were aglow …and yet? there was no sound.

He took a few sips and mouthed and signed “thank you” again …

And my eyes watered and a few tears flowed.

And as I tap these letter tiles on my iPhone I am so advocating a truth I know:

May all of us put down the self bashing–What we think we lack or aren’t good enough at.

We each have all we need because we are ABLE TO LOVE fully

I will not be made to feel silenced another second –for whether words sign language or prayer we are never disconnected from Spirit and we can live this.

May I keep rallying and embrace the always ways of true connecting.

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