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We see
We scroll
We click thumbs up

We read
We stare
We check in to see what’s up

We sift
We click
We scroll some more

We ahh
We comment
We update our status for sure

And the day goes on….
From mobile to laptop to desktop we’re glued…
To see scroll click and ahhh over all that some do…

And what of our now?
This moment of today…
What of our thought-book
And how s/he is being
When will we in there give a look?

Could we scroll and sift thoughts?
Could we click thumbs up?

Or do we squirm at the idea?
Of going in there, see what’s up?

Yet how will we sculpt this being of ours
If we don’t go into that thought-book not just for a moment but for a couple hours?

And could we feel more courage to at least try
If we had a map to help us navigate our now and probe our why?

One that would scroll all the shoulds and ought to’s
And help us discern the deep “yes I really agree and yes I want to”

If we had a map to help us navigate the now…

We might feel able to scroll thoughts
Sift our own wow.

We may even find something to …


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