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See the now step…not the whole picture

Image by swotai via Flickr

Sometimes we want that whole view.


Who am I kidding.

We often, and I’d say almost always, want to see how every little piece will fit.

And then….if we’re safe with what it all looks like, then we brave a step.

So I ask you: does that really EVER work?

Um. No.

Because you can’t see the each piece.

You never can.

You may want to, yearn to, wish to, pine for, but you can’t see every piece.

And the waiting til you do will cause you lots and lots and lots of stalling of being and of living.

Gentle thought for today: figure out something you’ve been stalling doing because you can’t see each and every step.

Pick one step that you can see toward this greater thing you want to see each detail for.

Do the one step.

That’s it.

Trust in ourselves doesn’t happen over night. It’s not a one time event, party, or conference.

You don’t wake up one morning and wham bam know how to do it.

It’s a moment by moment and a thought by thought journey.

The thing you keep putting off really isn’t about that thing.

It’s about trusting your gutt ..your intuition..or I like to think the how we flow when we listen…and take that step it’s nudging you take.

Want some help?

Hit me up…either send an email or gimme a call or do whatever works for you with being in touch.

Take that step.

And comment below what you felt like when you did.

Big hug.

You can do this. 🙂

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