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ThinkHer tool 24

As I began to assess “where is my thought right now” I can know whether thought pulls to the self and stays there or seeks the good of all… The self bubble I seek to burst hourly sometimes

Questions like “How will I be?” replace “What’s in this for me?” “How will I treat that person?” overrides “How will I get my point across this time?” And “What do I need to get done?” takes a back seat to “What matters most here now?” Yet

If you’ve ever been hurt when you’ve attempted to embrace others and live true to you only to be met with rejection m it can be years before you eek out and begin to ask for another’s help…. on any level

To help you do anything… Solo thriving was success for me for a long ….a huge inner win win for me….

“I’ll do whatever /needs doing “was my norm

Yet….love for humanity demands and invites striving to see and connect with the good of humanity.

Solo survival is to me another form of abuse… Still I wouldn’t ever assume to know how fast or or at all someone should begin to eek out of her comfort zone and begin to trust another again for the smallest of tasks or favors…. This ThinkHer tool is all about not fretting over how to rebuild trust in one’s self and what is impelling one’s actions simply to have a friend let alone someone to collaborate with…

Be gentle as you steady on #warriHerwoman… ????? ThinkHer tool 24:

I will keep my gaze on

the light of now

and refuse

the anxiousness

that needs an outline for how.


#thinkhertools #spontaneous_poeming

#poetrymonth #poem #poetry


#thoughtbythought #loveyouroreciousyou

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