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ThinkHer tool #26:

Dear friend whose read and embraced my poetry all month

I’ve continued posting the images on my Instagram for thought by thought…

But I believe I must learn how to better edit size of images on anphone

As for the last week I cannot any photo post ?

So please forgive the daily offerings here

I will go ahead and allow the words appear

Yet bare with me on the images too

Oh there’s so much to learn and grow into!

Tender love and thank you for reading…


ThinkHer Tool #26:

And when an abyss of the empties tries to swallow up endeavors the warriher within stands and defend I’ll give up …never. #thinkHertools #spontaneous_poeming #poetrymonth #alril #poem #thougtbythought #womanhood #myheartwithyours

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