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ThinkHer tool #9:

Because April is poetry month,

I’ve decided to microfocus my otherwise spontaneous poeming sharings on the truths I walk around with defending each day …

These are little snippet views of larger convictions…

They’re the thinkHer tools I use to let me taking steps to further build and be what I cherish hold and see possible for every man for every woman.

I offer them here with love…

And it’s another glimpse of how I work with someone one to one in my healing work and practice.

If you want to know the why behind any poem…


If you want to know more my own stories or triumphs healing…


If anything I share resonates with you and you wish to speak further and or consider working with me with me I welcome you to

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Thank you for sharing moments here…

My heart with yours,

ThinkHer tool 9:

When belief says I’m all alone and I’m lured to believe it so, I can turn in thought to Love and know defend and trust I am at one…..


This one tool I could unpack for pages (and prolly shouls?) When you know you are NeVER alone there’s nothing that has to intimidate or make you afraid… there’s nothing you shouldn’t try or do out of fear what if I can’t follow through… you can step and step and step again knowing you’re are always every moment by Love companioned:) So much would feel hard scary and like I’m leaping off a cliff if I didn’t use this tool of oneness…

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