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Authentic being never needed a pitch


What and how I choose to see


when I look at you…


matters so much because


that? determines what next I will think or do.



If I see you through a lens that defends your worth,


that you are whole and complete now


I show up embracing the who you are


not who you position yourself to be and how





If I wait to see what you’ll offer or pitch


If I wait to see if I agree with your schtick


If I bring that sense of having you prove yourself to me


I leave the ability to connect up to uncertainty




If upon first appearance I see you as weird and don’t even try to understand your why…


If I see you as lacking what I think is essential for status of doing life right.


If I look at you as incomplete or partial…


If I see you as a remnant of the past and of your future unsure…



If my view of you puts you in a box


If I blaze past you thinking you’re lost


I’ll rob myself of the individuality that is YOU


And miss the opportunity to connect with your essence, your truth…



See that was the view many offered me


And in that shunning oh have I felt its burning sting


Yet, I’ve pressed on time and again,


Because I’ve learned to love my unique and follow those inner inklings.




And more?


I have learned how to see the unique in someone else


Far before they prove anything to me


Because I expect to see it with complete certainty


What could shift if we didnt show up wanting anyone to prove anything


Or wait to see who would market their wares


Or who would pitch what program or course


But practiced valuing difference no matter how rare.


What has helped me keep pushing the what’s possible for me…


Is to live my individuality without doubt or apology


And not because I’m some prancing ego


But because my own efforts to conform felt like suffocating honesty.



See, if we live life by a list of should


If we believe there’s a hidden agenda of right life rules


Then we rob ourselves of sculpting our why


And disallow others from getting to know the wonder of our who


Yes, admitted, pressing on can feel unfathomably hard.


But, the cost of not being true to ourselves? Haven’t we played that card?


Tell ya what helps me still to this day


Connecting with the knowing each one of us is finding our way


That? calms my anxiousness or fear


As does knowing and trusting the inner inklings that hug and hold me so near.


What if we each paused for a moment more


And realized that in moments we feel most alone


Someone else is figuring this out too.


No matter how it appears, no matter how it looks to me or you


So, when you feel alone tinkering through the night


When they rally behind ones deemed doing it right


Its vital to stop comparing and doubting


And keep keeping on evolving your individuality.



See, it matters not whether we have a website or blog


It matters not that we rock a video or a radio show


It matters not if we’ve authored a book


Or offer an a, b or c school with ecourses to boot…



No matter what we have or have yet to do


Show up being instead of seeming, we are true


Refute with me waiting to be sold or convinced


Authentic being never needs a pitch.



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