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A desired destination

There’s something that I simply must do

Yet I share this here because I’m deeply scared to

I don’t want the steps to hurt anyone

Yet I can no longer ignore this desire or worse –from it run.

There’s zero intention to hurt others along the way…

And there’s zero intention to hurt anyone any day

But I’ve stayed silent far too long

Because of the inner condemner’s constant critique telling me always “this desire is wrong.”

So I’m penning this poem here spontaneously

In hopes of it offering insight for you reader and show you I am trying

Ridicule would silence us and force us to pretend

Resistance would belittle us and make us believe everything we wish to do makes no sense

Criticism would make us stay surface because how dare we go deep

And so too would it accuse us of having nothing worth telling and try to bury our dream

Apathy would love to say no one will care

Indifference would love to argue nothing ever matters

And those inner bullies love to team up and tackle

And every hour I hault the true writing I let them win their attempted battle

So here’s to taking a stand and not allowing them win

Though they show up in our thinking–in our own voice sometimes– those inner bullies can be beaten

What we each must do is to see those voices as the lies

And see that it’s not our true me and refuse to be convinced by their disguise

And then we must take action toward the very thing we seek to do

And this silences them for the hour and even the day I promise you tis true

And this is what I know for sure

Healing happens every moment when we allow ourselves fight them down

And wings begin to flutter

And hope beckons “this way”

And we resolve to roll up our thought sleeves and embrace this now… this day.

May you bulldoze the inner bullies and resolve to never give up

Dear friend reading … you got this …and Love’s got all of us…

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

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