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#Daily #Acronym #Tuesday

Each day over on twitter @thoughtxthought,  I offer a daily acronym as a way of showing how I steer thought by heeding that inner nudge (what we’re all about here at Thought by Thought as we navigate the now).

I first write out the tweet as one word per letter of the name of this day.

And then I add two hash-tags or coded phrases #dailyacronym and #Tuesday (name of day) so that if ever someone does a twitter search for #dailyacronym or the name of the day, they will find the tweets.

(Twitter searching is a bit like doing a google search, only you are searching for ideas in Twitter that tend to be glimpses of folks thoughts and conversations happening in real time. If doing a twitter search if that interests you, let me know. Happy to share with you how to).

But back to the why of the daily acronym.

I thought I’d start offering a bit more insight that unpacks the why behind the what I tweet for the daily acronym.

I’ve chosen to show you the dialogue that occurs within so you get the back and forthing within.


Daily-Acronym for Tuesday

Trust unfolds each second’s doubt abandoning you


(To see it on Twitter Click here for today’s tweet )


The following is a conversation I had with myself early-shirley this morning:


Mom within: Okay Tre Tre. Let’s unpack this acronym a bit more:

Trust uncovers each second’s doubt abandoning you


me: EWWW. She wants me to think about ‘doubt’ and ‘abandoning me

Why is she having me think about the ‘good’ of doubt.


Mom within: Doubt? Is a fabulous thing and filled with so many insights!


me: Gimme a break. I can’t stand doubt. I wanna like never admit I have any.


Mom within: Doubt is fabulous because it shows us two things.


me: ugh a lesson this early shirley in the morning. ugh. growth. ugh.


Mom within: doubts and fears show up as our voice, but they’re the way the limited view of you speaks and remember we’re striving to live the spiritualized you, the unlimited whole complete you.


me: Okayyy.


Mom within: continuing and I know the real you is listening: Two things doubt teaches us:

First, doubts reveal exactly where we still need to squelch fear because they suggest lies


second, doubt points to the need to defend we can’t be separate from Loves nudge for one millisecond of a moment.


me: Wait, doubt reminds me I can’t be separated from Love? how?


Mom within: Well, put it this way: If doubt showed up as “just suppose there’s nothing to believe in,” we probably wouldn’t listen because our faith is so strong.

But it shows up as our thought whispering:

You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about…
Dumb idea, ridiculous nonsense…
Who are you to think you know…
Look to others and what they’re doing to do it right…
Keep watching…
If you do anything make it look like theirs….
By all means don’t take another step til the people you respect are doing this too exactly like you’re doing it.
Stay small…no one sees your work anyway…
Make sure to find the people doing it right and do it exactly like they’re doing it…the right way.
me: those thoughts are so familiar I’m giggling right now. I hear them hourly.
Mom within: Yeppers Tre Tre…I know ya do luvbug…

Doubt dwells in the land of right and wrong

Spiritual conviction is the land of knowing…where there is no right and wrong judgement, just unfoldment and being.

So each step into our true selves seems to bring out the bandwagon of doubts that try to stop our growth.

They wanna keep us all earthy, heavy, full of doubt.

Soooo when you detect doubt in thought, 2 things:

1. See the doubts as not your voice even though they show up that way (that’s how they try to get you abandon your inklings)

2. See that they’re lies pointing to the spiritual fact: you can’t be separated from Love for a second and thus you have nothing to fear.

me: huh. that sounds so deliciously doable I just may haveta try it but I doubt I’m gonna remember all the time.


Mom within: Aha! Caught ya consenting to doubt. See how subtle it is?


me: wow. got it. Okay. Thought by thought as we say….


Mom within: you got it luvbug. Happy Tuesday.


me: whoosh. This may be all kinds of fun afterall.:) Happy Tuesday it is!



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