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Daily Acronym for Wednesday

Happy Wednesday….

Here’s a bit of how I’m defending thoughts today…hope this helps your thought journey onward. 🙂


Willingness expresses determination now evolving security demonstrating actionable yesses

Now what do I mean by all those words lumped together? Lemme explain…..



This quality of thought shows me willing to drop the way I think it has to happen–my stubborn will–and heed the nudge… 🙂


Expression is thought actualized and lived…this is the doing being acting…movement of thought actualized.


This quality of thought means no matter what I’m determined in this right now moment to heed the nudge.


This moment only…no past no morrow….only this right now millisecond. What was pulling yesterday may have shifted. We have now.


This quality of thought finds me opening thought up to possibility…not stuck in rote rigidity.


A sense of safety comes from knowing there are other ways not just the rigid staccato this is how it has to be which makes us feel stuck.


This is the actual doing…the proof is in the doing.


What’s actionable, doable today this moment this millisecond now.


Yesses are something you know you can think, what is something you know you can exude, and do…all of that are yesses doables being-ables now and none are too small ever. No step too small. 🙂


I uploaded an images of a headboard and footboard of a bedframe I’m considering from Juniper Hill Antiques for one simple reason: each and every thing we yearn for and see for our lives? Each and every ‘thing’ we cherish? Is comprised of thoughts within us…drumroll..already.

I know that one I’ll need to unpack over time…and promise too….but often we walk around thinking we’re lacking this, that, the other: good job. great relationship. success. meaning and purpose. creativity. and so on.

YET…we include all that we need and all we yearn to seek. As qualities…..

So…evolving those qualities…actualizing them helps actualize in this right now second 🙂 this truth.

One of the things I’ve always yearned for is a home.

I define home so broadly and know its where I dwell each and every moment.

Yet, in taking my right now and loving it up muchly, step by step I’m beginning to allow all the things I’ve yearned for and thought I had to wait for.

If we want to create a bedroom, we can assemble it however we seek.

I’m considering some furniture that I’ve chosen after decades of using hand me downs gratefully.

But whipping up a bedroom isn’t about furniture.

It’s about owning the worth and right to have your own nook….whatever that means: moving out of the space you dwell in now that’s not working for you, valuing your worth enough to sign a lease even though you have no clue where the funds will come from, cherishing your life enough to invest in your own home you purchase, no matter how small. YOUR OWN BEDROOM has so many bazillions of steps leading up to it. It’s not about the sheets and furniture, though that is part. (And in case you think I’ve not ever had a bedroom I’ve used hand me down furniture always. No complaints. Just time to make my own choices).

So each and every day, as I’m evolving the life, practice, home, business, womanhood I’m worthy of, these daily acronyms are helping me heed the nudge create a map and move forward.

Whether it’s balancing my checkbook, billing a client, creating decor, hushing fear of video, writing, working, whatever the now demand on my thought is, the ideas expressed above help me press on and take a step and another and another.

If anything above resonates with you and you wish to talk more, please don’t hesitate to contact me either using the contact form (tab to the right) or by commenting below or emailing: tre (at) thought by thought (dot) net

Thank you for being here and sharing some moments.


Tre ~

A favorite quote that inspires me much:

“Willingness to become as a little child renders thought receptive of the advanced idea. Gladness to leave the false landmarks and joy to see them disappear, this disposition helps to precipitate the ultimate harmony.” Mary Baker Eddy

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