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Fear free

In the morning, as soon as you are conscious, do you cradle your thought like it’s a little babe or toddler?

Think about it… when you rise, what’s your first thought?

As soon as you awake, do you know how to take a deep breathe and mentally in thought advocate?

Or do you sit there taking in so much… maybe lots of thoughts and maybe even reach for your phone and check messages?

Or do you feel the imposition of fear and guilt and any other ache?

If you feel immediately imposed upon in thought …

Do you know how to wrestle down those feelings and free yourself from their blah blah blah?

One of the most life changing things I’ve learned to do is to get into my thinking and BE a thought coach or thought mom or dad if you will and advocate for what is true.

I’ve learned how to coach myself to not allow certain thoughts rule the hour.

And I’ve learned how to not let myself drift into that abyss of the effects of sucomming to fear which try to dominate the now.

But it’s a day by day journey and a hour by hour practice still and why I want to more openly share what helps me keep on.

How I learned to lean on what is true is my background story of how I became a metaphysician and healer.

But I seek to directly address the needs (I feel) for people all over to become more able to manage their intake and to overcome the subtle hijackings of the imposition of fear.

To that end I am seeking to write more on those themes and share each day a poem of thought advocacy.

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Every moment we choose what we will allow influence us.

I choose Love.

And that means not allowing fear or doubt or limits of any kind hijack my attention.

We are each already fear free and we can each moment by moment prove this truth.

Thank you for your moments here and endeavoring to be true.

My heart to yours,

Tre ~


If you are interested in daily thought poems of healing fear guilt and second guessing, of facing down all belief you’re doing life wrong and everything always seems to be mess… you’re welcome to subscribe thoughtbythought.net


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