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How to embrace this moment now and stop consenting to fear or doubt

Dear friend reading,

Welcome to Thought by thought.

Thank you for visiting this post. 

In the post below I do 2 things:

 1) I share a poem written spontaneously and unedited from my love-filled thought.

2) I give you a practical ‘how to’ face down a belief of doubt or lack so that you can practice overcoming such a belief.

I hope the combination of inspiration and practical application proves helpful to you.

I would love to hear your feedback and welcome your questions, insights, comments below or emailed to me.

Thank you for sharing moments here,

Tre ~


The Poem:


And she gazed around at her surrounds

And looked within and faced her thoughts

She felt this pressure from all most said

Of new years resolutions and resolving to be better

For her this was an hourly goal

To take the claims of mortal thinking and all it’s limits

And prove it powerless and unable to take hold.

But how to zero in and define areas in need of most growth

She had wondered about for a few weeks now.

Sometimes the changes that are needed aren’t really defineable

It’s this inner sense the excuses must stop and the need to face thought and overcome all that so much says is undoable.

All limits

All lack

All doubt

All fear

All every belief of “I’ll never be able to do this.”

And as she consented to face down each limit

She saw a visual which became a beautiful motivating image.

She was 6 …or maybe 7 …it was when quite young.

And her mama used to take her sister and she to a park not too far off.

And in that park stood this amazingly to her then huge tree

And she used to race out of the car to jump onto it’s limbs and begin her ascending.

Nothing stopped her though she would pause

When her momma below would shout up ‘honey be careful.’

But limb by limb and branch by branch she’d climb

And she wouldn’t stop until she reached the highest

And from that top branch she could look all around.

And she saw the entire neighborhood then called “Sunniland.”

What a great name she remembered for sunny it surely was.

No cloud in the sky

No belief in her heart of doubt.

It was never a matter of ‘will I be able.’

Her hesitations then were more along the lines of but “I want to keep climbing and not ever go home.”

And so some 40 years later that yearning still burns within:

May we each keep climbing to prove we can overcome all doubt, fear, lack belief or limit.


2. The Practical

It’s a beautiful desire isn’t it?

To overcome all belief of lack fear or limit?

The thing is while that desire is so innocent and pure and honest and right, it takes moment by moment assessment of thought to

  • face thought
  • see what’s influencing us,
  • determine if we are listening to the voice of fear or limit — (which is never our true “me”)
  • and resolve to refute those beliefs
  • and intend thought to embody what divine Love knows about us. *

For this practical application, I will show you what I do when I notice a doubt.

And a perfect example is yesterday.

I heard a ding that alerted me I had received a text.

(I have given all my texts, voicemails, and emails a different sound notification so that wherever I am I can be aware of when someone is trying to connect…I have an iPhone and this is a simple process which I am happy to help you do too if you wish to know how just email me: tre at thought by thought dot net)

There was a one line text on my phone (see below):

Now I KNEW I had left the heat on in this unit

But I also know that we have been having frigid record low temperatures and it’s quite possible heaters break, etc.

Yet, prior to getting to that place of calm clarity, the first thing that happened when I read that text was this:

I frieked out.

Now if you were standing next to me you wouldn’t have known.

I have a way of never showing when I am frieking out.

But my thoughts were all over the place.

“Oh my goodness.

What if I didn’t set the heat correctly?

What if the pipes are frozen.

What if I’m the reason this dear neighbor has no water? “

So first the accusing attack of

I did something wrong.”?

Then the panic over the effect if any of that was true.?

“Oh no it’s gonna be expensive to repair.”

“They’re gonna think I’m an inept fool who can’t manage her property…”

And on and on.

So first guilt and then condemnation.

Now all of that happens in a matter of seconds.

And right as soon as I notice those buggers –guilt and condemnation –in my thinking I know it’s time to pray.

So what do I do when I need to

  • meditate
  • calm down
  • silence condemning
  • and figure out a now needed solution?

First I position myself in a way that is my prayer set up.

I have to change my body posture so that fear can’t try to govern me.

For me what works is to sit down on a floor and hug my knees to my chest. And while I don’t do this regularly in public, I have done this in public before or I will sit in my car.

Next, I advocate spiritually in thought. The moment I begin to pray, I go into spiritual advocacy mode.

What does this mean?

I grab hold of the thought reigns and I literally put my thinking onto what for me has become a life long conviction:

that God, divine Love, is governing this moment now and I am able to hear and embody what it is knowing this moment now.

Sometimes it can take a few moments or even hours or a whole day to insist on this — that Love is governing my thinking, has total power, and is in charge–not fear.

But as I defend the right now presence power and governance of Love, this puts my whole focus off of fear and doubt and onto Love.

As I do this ?

All the mental opponents to Love –doubt and second guessing which I name the the ‘but what ifs‘ –love to have a heyday….

Yesterday was no exception.

But what if you didn’t turn the heat on

What if because of you their home is screwed up?

What if it can’t be fixed for weeks?

So instead of allowing these “but what if’s to rule my thinking, I take thought off the doubt by silencing it.

I literally say out loud

  • “There is nothing in my thought that can be made to consent to doubt.
  • There is nothing about my being that is stupid or inept.
  • I can not be made to listen to doubt right now.
  • I cannot be used or hijacked by fear right now.
  • Whatever the solution is, right now Love is governing and
  • because I reflect Love, I am innocent and not a victim.”

Now I’m not suggesting I deny that I made a mistake…

It is quite possible I made a mistake and didn’t leave heat on, though in this case I had just visited that unit and knew the heat was on and fine.

But what this advocating does is it pulls thought off the influences of doubt and fear–which are never ever our thinking–and insists on the presence and governance of divine Love.

This advocating yesterday took me about 30 – 40 minutes.

I alerted the maintainance man I would be over.

I also had received texts and calls from these neighbors asking the same thing “did I leave my heat on because they don’t have running water and are thinking it’s because my unit may not have heat on.’

I drove over to the unit.

And before I unlocked the door, I stood and faced the sky.

And I insisted:

  • I know that Love is governing.
  • Whatever I walk into I can face with courage and confidence.
  • I am innocent in that I did nothing intentionally to screw up anyone’s home.
  • And whatever may be broken can be fixed.
  • I have the patience to face this and I have the courage to embrace growth.

I turned around.

I unlocked the door.

I walked in.

It was warm and cozy.?????

That was a huge relief.

I turned on the bathroom sink’s hot water.

It became hot within seconds.?

I flushed the toiled several times.

It worked no problem.

I turned on the shower’s hot water.

Also it became hot immediately.

I did a happy dance. 🙂

I then went to the kitchen and same thing:

The kitchen sink water was running fine and had ample hot and cold temperatures.

I looked at the heat and sure enough all was running fine.

I sat on the floor, hugged my needs to my chest, and thanked Divine Love. ?

Not only had I proved innocent actually,

I located there first in my thinking which saved me hours of self bashing and gave me clarity of thought to then offer my unit to these neighbors to use until their water is fixed.

So in sum:

  1. The second you notice doubt or fear accusation or guilt, you must rally your thinking and realize it is simply a moment to defend what is governing you actually. For me that base I have to get to is Divine Love
  2. Strive persistently to root out all doubt with the conviction that you are reflecting divine Love this moment and you are innocent and able to know exactly what you need to know at this moment. (both of these insistences tend to stomp and squelch all fear).
  3. Be open and willing to grow and learn. There is no need for self defense argument or accusation of the others or opposition at all. There can be total calm willingness to seek a harmonious solution.

Had I been stuck in self justification I may not have heard the little nudge to offer the use of my kitchen and bathroom to them.

I was really grateful to have overcome the doubt and feeling inadequate in this particular instance and am quite certain the year will have ample more opportunities to silence doubt and fear and let Love hug my footsteps and steer.


What about you?

Is there something you feel panicked about right now that prayer can help you overcome?

A statement from a favorite author — Mary Baker Eddy — I hold to hourly:

“Perfect Love casteth out fear.”

Here’s to each moment embracing it’s opportunity to prove Love!

My heart to yours,

Tre ~

* These conscientious thought steps have helped me overcome fear and doubt hourly time and again.

If learning how to face thought and manage moments matters deeply to you …

and you would like to connect more than leaving a comment below, I welcome hearing from you.

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