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Wednesday Womanhood: I am decisive

Happy Womanhood Wednesday.

Here’s a thought_tip to defend every single second of every single day.

We are decisive.


When the wanna be friends or coworkers or or or wanna hang out or work together:

“I dunno”


“Well, I dunno lemme ask so&so what s/he thinks…”


“Lemme ask everybody what they think…”


“Lemme ask everyone and then choose what is the answer I most agree with…”

When that whole tribe bangs on the thought door to hang out or pitch and convince you?

You are busy.

You are not available.

You are living “I am decisive.”

We are.


And we can value the ideas that come to us.

We don’t have moments to partner or friend their thinking or their ways.

It’s ok.

It’s not personal.

You just let them know.

“Nope ya’ll I’m not opening this thought door.”

Ahhhh wouldn’t it be awesome if it was that simple?

“I dunno” and it’s “lemme check in with everyone’s opinion” have a way of slithering in and crowding everywhere we go our thought home/cubicle or on the fly.
So when you notice it,

Defend you’ve NEVER subscribed.

You never asked to be added to their list.

You never gave permission to receive their solicitations.

You can

  • block them
  • unfriend them
  • unfollow them
  • ignore them.

Why: because you have friended subscribed and are following:

“I am decisive.”

And you can thought by thought advocate this…

Just like being added to somebody’s newsletter you didn’t subscribe to

or just like getting calls from marketers you didn’t give your number to

Or just like getting spam on twitter

Or just like getting unwanted messages on facebook

“I dunno” and its tribe want you to listen so they often automatically subscribe you.

  • Unsubscribe¬†
  • Unfollow
  • Or block them
  • For that moment.

And if you’re nodding but wanna know more or why…

The spiritual fact is that we each are now the image and likeness of Mind.

Mind knows.

Mind understands.

Mind is awake and aware…

So by reflection, we each know what we need to.


If that’s not enough be in touch.

Click the blue contact me tab to the right ———–>>>


Message me


Call me

and we can talk about it.

This is the work I do.

We do know.

We can hear.

We are decisive.


Love to each of you…

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