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Is “someday when” trying to be your friend? Monday moment of meaning

Seems like forever “someday when” has tried to become my friend

Someday when this happens

Someday when that happens

Someday when I achieve this

Someday when I’ve accomplished that

And on and on…

It has for decades it seems made me pining for that day when that thing happens…

And while there’s deep value in having goals and obtaining them…

For me there is deeper value in how we treat and think about ourselves and others while pursuing them…

If we think we lack or are incomplete…

It will impact how we think about ourselves and the perspective with which we choose to see.

If we look at someone else as “not there yet” on her way to her own someday when…

We won’t see the good she is about…now…

And for me this robs us of the wonder of all we are each about.

Recognize if this tries to friend you too:

It will try to convince you

1. something about ourselves/another is incomplete

2. something about our lives lacks something.

From a spiritual perspective, neither of these concepts are ever true:

We are each already whole and complete in our being through and through.

When the lack lie shows up in thought and wants to be friend, you must refuse to allow it enter in.

Keep the thought door closed tight nd don’t listen to all it wants to convince you of that you didn’t do right.

Or don’t allow yourself listen to its arguments of all you don’t have…

And don’t allow it tell you you’re not exactly where you are supposed to be to learn exactly what you must infact.

You are not a mistake nor is your now…

You can be the wholeness you are thought by thought.

Refuse the lack lies.

Keep on being true.

Open the thought door to completeness and all that it means for you:

you have the strength. courage, honesty, intelligence, wisdom, and discipline you need to do anything you desire to do and especially to be fear free.

My heart to yours


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