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What would you do if you knew you were allowed?

14 minutes still on this fifth day of our week… and always I hold close a sense of what Friday means… Freedom for some from school or office where one works routines perhaps someone else has a night shift that lasts all weekend so for that person a Friday may feel more like a Monday yet there’s a freedom to it perhaps that goes back to elementary school days… a sweet release a big deep breath maybe Friday means for many the hope of finding “the one” may happen just yet…(dare I burst a bubble and invite her/him to consider there are many “the one’s” in the universe that is infinite? )?Or maybe for someone else Friday means one day closer to a procedure …or for another one day closer to going into labor … maybe Friday for another means camp comes to an end… and for another maybe a summer job is about to begin… for a group of little boys they’re that much closer to a cave rescue (pray every day nothing obstructs the law of harmony ’tis true) …and for a group of families on the border, they’re one day closer to (finally) being reunited —so we pray— for many of us Friday means one more day closer to a term being over … and for high schoolers recently marching, they’re one more day closer to a vote that may our gun laws restructure…Someone else is counting down the days til freshman /sophomore/junior/senior year starts…Someone else is applying again for another job they hope lasts— Someone else is getting ready for her gig to go on in a few hours …Someone else is getting ready to woo VC’s at founderuniversity and receive their honors…Loads of people take a Friday breather …while others roll up sleeves to face their now form of responsibility… and then there are a speck like me who don’t really keep track of days or weeks because our thought work at times can be 24/7 when we are booting fear down in all ways again and again… and so before this day on the east coast comes to an end… I ask you with my whole heart —what would you do REALLY if you felt allowed to my dear friend? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours (my fave bestie game with my little friends in school club when we would whisper who we had a crush on or who we wanted to someday become ) ? I would feel allowed to pen a “something” that shares the story of a woman’s words who’ve changed the world… and NEVER do I FEEL allowed to do just this… and lately I’ve decided ALlOWED is not what we wait for receiving…is it truly what WE MUST LIVE !!!May you feel allowed in all ways and when you don’t (because I haven’t ever) May you DO IT ANYWAY!#myheart2yours #spontaneous_poeming #fridayfreedom #leftthumb #rightpointer #sittingbythestarsoutside #holdingthehopeallfeelfreedomofspirit #aisforallowed

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