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May 1…

Maybe for May I can go deeper still and share the inner dialogue wIth which I often wrestle… and maybe I can show too how I edit my thoughts and sometimes find that being still …

For the poems keep flowing spontaneously and why not keep outpouring then here like leaves of a tree…


Did you do it yet? That thing you said you would? Have you paused again wondering if you should? Have you halted again because there’s new reasons for why it kinda doesn’t make any sense … or have you paused because you think you need more time …and are you convincing yourself you’re fearless?

Are you buying the argument that says you need to know more?

Have you found yourself being one way on the surface but inwardly doubting everything for sure… Does it feel again that no one you know can relate … Have you become paralyzed when you try to take a step?

Are you certain you’re not ready but dare you admit this then… that one and that one will believe you’re all talk again?

Have you decided to finally go ahead to just be done …and yet inwardly Inside you think— of you do— that means old ways have won?. What if the thing you think you must do is more about putting down the qualifications you think you need to fear free be and know you’re good?

What if you don’t have to do that thing and that won’t ever mean you gave up or stopped trying?

And what if not doing that thing also doesn’t mean it doesn’t still mean everything to you even if you’re the only one who ( that inner knowing it’s value to you doing it )sees?

And what if the race to prove can stop… and you just resolve to listen to your heart and trust?

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