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Permission to say yes to your heart

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So what gets in the way of you giving yourself permission?


Society pressures?

Family expectations?

A spouse’s denial?

Your own?

While I can’t speak to anyone else’s experience except my own, I know that it seems like giving ourselves permission — especially women– is an ongoing need.

So when I think about permission and giving myself permission, I think this way:

1. What would allow me to say yes to my heart?

2. What am I afraid of if I really do say yes to my heart?

3. Who’s opinion am I concerned about most in terms of how he/she/they will react if I say yes to my heart?

Walking through these questions helps me a ton.

Being honest to the answers is very enlightening too and shows me what are the mental walls I’ve created for myself.

How about you?

What helps you give yourself permission to your heart? to fulfil some of your heart of hearts deepest desires?

I’m not talking about what gives you permission to do something like go shopping or treat yourself to some kind of appointment.

I’m talking about giving yourself — your heart of heart’s desire — permission to live and be and grow and become.

Would love to hear what helps you say yes.

And would also love to hear what stands in the way.

How can I help?

As always thanks for reading and responding.

Hugs for your footsteps and your journey.

Tre ~

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