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Sculpting womanhood

I’ve always wanted to learn to sculpt

In awe of those who do

But recently I’ve begun seeing that editing thoughts

Is a way of sculpting too…

For one can dwell in the clay of doubt

and try to work through the muck of lack

But one can also chisel away all belief

“I’m not ready yet”

“I dunno how”

“This is too hard”


“I can’t”

No one but us knows what we face

No one but us can work on our thoughts–edit…sculpt…chisel away fear–each day….

But this I’ve proved and thus know to be true:

The One who has already sculpted us sees our wholehood as our womanhood…

Now while that may sound weird

Or cause much “I don’t get it”

What I speak of is

Our source

Love itself

Has established our identity as pure whole…spiritually perfect.

Perfect not in a self centered way

Perfect as in integretous being each moment each day

So then the sculpting in thought to me that occurs

Is the chiseling away of who we never ever were…

So that our light …our purity… our authenticity …can shine forth..

And we are less likely to roll play or act perfect or perform….

Knowing how our source sculpted us gives us cause for chiseling away doubt moment by moment…

Understanding our true integrity gives us the green light to do

All that we see possible …all we hope comes true….

So friend reading if you’re stuck in a place of I dunno

If you are fretting anything

Or don’t know which step to take or where to go….

Go deep within and meditate and pray

Defend with your whole being Love sees me sculpted complete this moment this day

That will still the fear and doubt for that minute

And keep defending it til you feel calm within….

And you may not hear a to do list

And you may not yet hear a next step

But you will have silenced fear and for that moment be victorious

My heart to yours there is no step that is ever a mistake

Just so long as you are overcoming fear and pushing it’s paralyzing stronghold out of your way….

My heart to yours …

Tre ~

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